Why I Love Shopping Offline


Hey peeps!

So this might be a little bit controversial, but dare I say that... I really hate shopping online! Let me explain myself...

Okay, well, I'm not stating that I never browse the internet for the latest new thing or never lust over designer bags on net-a-porter, but I have just never been the biggest fan of the actual process of shopping online. It still confuses me to this day how people actually enjoy it and can still take all the effort of sending back stuff that doesn't fit or is damaged in the journey.

A lot of the times you will hear me moaning about "we can't get this in Belgium" then someone comes along with a comment like "oh but you can get it at www...." I'm like "yeah but that's NOT what I meant.

Listen, I know it can be great to have everything shipped to your doorstep, but for some reason it always seems to be the biggest fuss when it's at my place in Belgium. As if I live in the middle of nowhere. I've had multiple occasions where my package was lost in the mail and took quite a while to get refunded, other times where it arrived much later than they promised and I've had multiple packages to arrive damaged. Considering I don't buy a lot of stuff online, this makes for almost half of the deliveries from online orders that went wrong somewhere along the way. I just can't handle the stress.

I just don't get how people can order 20 clothing items on Asos, then try them on at home and probably send 15 of them back, only to get 5 more in another size. How long does that take??? And you have to go to the post office anyway, so why would you not just go to the city and try the clothes on right away? I really don't see the "easy" part in all this. To me, it's just a bunch of extra effort, because you have to be at home for the mail to arrive (and when you're not, you STILL need to go and fetch the package at the post office) and then you have to send back all the stuff you don't like again and then probably place another order after that to get the right sizes. That will take you like at least 5 days if they promise next-day delivery.

  Seriously, who has time for that?

That's why I enjoy shopping offline much more. Not only can I try out all the stuff immediately and check if something's wrong before I buy it, I also just enjoy being in the city and around people and being helped when I need it. I love good store designs and atmospheres in retail and I just think it's much easier to feel the product before buying it, whether we're talking clothes (for fabrics and sizes), makeup (for quality and colour matches) or gadgets (sturdiness, material).

The only times I will actually purchase something online:

When it's something I know will be right and still intact when it arrives
This includes stuff like phone cases, bags, jewelry (not rings) etc., but could also be a clothing item I have tried on in store and they wouldn't  have my size anymore, or some makeup repurchases like concealers I've already tried & know the colour match to my skin tone of.

When I know the quality will be good
And by this I mean mostly make up. Apart from my original Naked palette, I've ordered all my Urban Decay palettes online and I know it's risky business to ship stuff like that without it breaking (speaking from experience) but I just know that UD does good eyeshadow and they won't ever disappoint me. So far the Naked 2 basics arrived with one of the shadows broken so I had to send it back (which was just such a hassle and I hated it) and my Vice 4 palette came with some of the pans falling out but I glued that back together myself & got a partial refund in the end. You see why I hate shopping online, Just because of THIS reason.

When I'm just to eager to have it and it really isn't available anywhere offline
Okay, I admit that I have purchased some stuff online that I wasn't too happy about when it arrived, but sometimes we just want something so bad and if we can't get it in a physical store next to us, we'll just HAVE to place that order online. I'll only ever do this if it's a very hyped up thing or referring to the previous statement, when I know it's going to be good. Again, I'm mostly talking about the make up part here 'cause I never really shop for clothes online anyways, but like I said, when it's a limited edition product of a brand that I know will nail the quality, then I'm more than happy to take the bet on it and order it anyways.

Now to you: do you prefer shopping online or offline, and why? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to see your opinion on this topic!

Lots of love,


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