A Life Update & New Schedule


Hey everyone!

So I've been in Manchester for around two months now. Crazy huh?
Let me give you a bit of an update.

I've been so busy at the internship, trying to visit some places in the weekends, going home last weekend for the concert my choir had, trying to work on my school project still and trying to put a bit of time into making music again, I haven't had a lot of time to do lots of blogging stuff.

I know it's super important to visit other blogs and leave nice comments, but lately I just can't be bothered to do that. I will visit, but if I don't have anything meaningful to say right away, I'll just leave it there. It takes an awful lot of effort for me to come up with a valuable comment and with all the stuff going on, I just cannot take enough time to be nice to other people and promote my own blog as well.

That's why I've decided to cut down my posting schedule again

I know it sounds as if I'm slightly giving up on my blog, and in all honesty, I've not been focussing on my blog all that much lately, I haven't cared this less ever since I started blogging 15 months ago. I've found my passion for music again and I'm so happy to be working on that now, I just can't keep coming up with four posts a week, especially when I'm doing at least one make up look per week. I still love blogging, don't get me wrong, it's just not my main focus in life right now. I still enjoy doing it in my free time and I will definitely keep sharing posts regularly. As a hobby. Not as a life goal.

I hope you all understand. Everything will stay the same: Posts will still go up at 9am GMT, I'll still upload a "5 looks with" post every Wednesday and I will still be posting on Mondays and Fridays as well. Sunday posts will disappear from now on. Unless I've got a bit of extra stuff to share, which will probably be scheduled on a Sunday if that is ever the case, I will no longer have posts going up in the weekends. That way I don't have to promote a new post on Sunday, but I can focus on what I've been sharing the past week and I can catch up on reading all your blogs as well.

Hope you all have a lovely week and I will speak to you soon!

Lots of love,


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