Beauty products I wish I didn't like so much


Hey everyone!

So this title may sound completely bananas, but there's a funny story. I was actually talking about one of these products to Alice and said "damnit, this is so good, I wish it wasn't so expensive 'cause I really want to buy it again". She made a bit of a joke out of it, saying "oh poor you, did you hope for it to not work, just so you didn't have to repurchase it? Haha, that would make a great blog post actually."

So here it is. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel

Before I tried this I used to use the Maybelline BrowDrama clear brow gel but Oh Boy did I miss out on a great one there. I wish I would have tried the ABH one sooner. This keeps my brows in place all day, no joke! It lasts me a lifetime though so luckily it's worth the money, but still, I wish the drugstore version would be just as good, without making my brows feeling crunchy and stiff.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation (sample)

This one is in this post for a different reason, actually. I'd be happy to spend a lot of money if I had found my dream foundation, but I'm so torn up about this one. I love the way it looks on my skin, but 1) I think it broke me out when I tried it and 2) it's such a thick foundation I can actually feel it sitting on my skin. Which is weird, 'cause it actually looks more natural than my Too Faced Born This Way foundation (which kind of has the opposite problem: it looks more like a "mask" if I put on a little bit too much but it feels so weightless on the skin). I'd love to purchase this one, but not if I'm going to be aware of having foundation on my skin all day. Even though it looks stunning on my skin. Shame it's so expensive, 'cause I wouldn't mind having that feeling if the foundation was half of the price it is now. You know what I mean, right?

Bumble&Bumble Prêt-à-Powder

This dry shampoo changed my life. Seriously. I only picked up a travel size because this baby is expensive! But I'm dying to buy the full size. It lasts me longer than I would think but I still find it quite pricey for a dry shampoo, but it's seriously the best stuff in the world. It seemed like a weird idea to put something that's basically a baby powder on your hair. It actually does a great job of getting rid of the oils in my hair and because it's a white powder it actually hides my roots (which are so bad atm!) and I love that. I'm not sure how good it would work if I didn't dye my hair blonde, but right now it works wonders. This is the product that inspired this whole post, by the way. Must. Go. Stock. Up.

Do you have products like this, or is it just me being weird? Let me know in the comments below, I'm curious!

Lots of love,


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