Daydreamer (Adele Cover) & a music update


Hey peeps!

A bit of a different post today. Nothing about beauty, nor lifestyle. I'm working hard on my music lately, and to get into the swing of things I decided to start recording some covers.

The first one went up yesterday evening! It's a cover of Adele's Daydreamer. Hope you enjoy!

I'm so glad I'm finally back into making music. I've been writing new songs and re-writing old ones and I'm very hopeful to record them in the future, maybe with some other musicians that can help me get the drums and everything right.

If you haven't heard of Alice Red, where have you been hiding. She's the one that helped me film this video. Please go and check out her YouTube channel, she's a photographer/videographer and beauty&lifestyle vlogger, so if you like my blog you'll definitely like her channel. Go give this girl a follow and if you're ever looking for someone to help you with photography or shooting a vid, make sure to contact her!

Let me know what you think. Hope you don't mind I'm switching it up a bit ^^

Lots of love,


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