Project Pan That Product: update #6


Hey everyone!

I know some of you have been following my Project Pan That Product journey for a hot minute now so I'm very excited to share this month's progression on it. Let's dive in straight away, shall we?

Last month the products looked like this. I finished up the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim and added the InstaBlur Primer from The Body Shop to the project.

Today the products look like this:

The Body Shop InstaBlur primer

As I'm not quite sure how much was still in there when I started, I can say I've been using it loads and I think I made some progression. I reckon there's about 1/3rd left in there now. I'm not falling in love with it, I think the Benefit one worked better in combination with my more dewy foundations. But it gets the job done okay, I guess.

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation

I'm still using this every single day and I forgot to show you the line to where the product is at this point, but this one as well has about 1/3rd left in there. I'm getting on with it really well and will actually be sad when it's finished, but I've got so many others to use after that! It's a great colour match for me at the moment though and I think I'll still get loads of use out of it before I get my tan on this summer.

Benefit Hoola bronzer

I've finally hit pan on this product! HOORAY! I knew it wouldn't take much longer 'cause Ive been using it so much to contour with. I hadn't been contouring for a while and I'm glad I'm doing it again. This one works perfect for that. I'll still get heaps of use out of this one, it takes me even longer to finish this than the blushes...

Benefit Dandelion blush

This one is demolished, my apologies. The dent became so big  that I couldn't get any pigment out of the edges anymore, I had to get them in the middle. I've actually stamped them to bits now and made a new kind of "layer" so it's easier to use the left-over bits. I feel like I've been saying this for the third month in a row now, but I reckon I will be using this for a month until I'll finally get rid of it! It probably won't happen and will still have so much product in there next month, but it's not easy to use anymore since my brush picks up way too much product in this state. We'll see, but I'm getting close to the end with this one!

l'Oréal False Lash Superstar mascara

Boy, am I tired of this one. I'm actually glad it's dried up now so I don't have to use it anymore. It's not EMPTY, but it's becoming quite hard to use and I didn't like it in the first place anyways so I'm going to cut tires with this one today. It's been a hell of a journey but I'm breaking up with you, Superstar. It's not me, it's you.

Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer

I've been getting on with this one quite well lately. It works great as a first layer of concealer, before putting on a brightening one like the l'Oréal Lumi Magique or YSL Touche Eclat. Again, I'm sorry you can't see how much has been used since last time but I kind of forgot to draw a line or flip it a bit. I promise I will probably finish this in the next month or two.

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Pink Gold

This product is frustrating me to the point where I just want to take it out of the project, so that's what I'm going to do. I got a lot of use out of it when I started this project, but eyeshadow is the most fun part of my entire routine, to me, and I can't bring myself to wear the same cream eyeshadow every single day. I'd rather add another product that I can use everyday without feeling guilty for not using the others. I love this product, but I just don't use it enough to be in this project anymore. It would take me 2 years to hit pan on this one... Good thing there's so much product in this little pot though, justifies the price!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

This is how my powder should look like. Normally at this stage I would head out and go buy a new one, but 1) I have three other powders waiting for me to be used and 2) for the sake of this project I want it to go to the same stage as the Dandelion blush, where the edges become so thin I can't get any pigment out of it anymore. I'm going to say another month or two for this product as well, before I'll get rid of it. It's still one of my favourite powders in the world.

That's one more product down and one I'm going to part ways with for this project.
Two new products are being added:

Mac Haute&Naughty Lash - brown

I have not been wearing this one enough and I feel like it's just laying in my drawer, drying out. I'm going to try to use this for a month or two so I'm going to add this to Project Pan to make sure I actually use it more often. Because it's brown, it's perfect for everyday, work looks.

MaxFactor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect mascara

Yes, I am aware that I'm putting in TWO mascaras into the project, but I seriously need to use up some of the ones that are open before they all dry up. I find that the Mac one actually works well in combination with this one on top. When I'm not in the mood for brown mascara, the Mac one works well as a sort of "primer" for this MaxFactor one. I'll be using them in combination from now on and make the most use out of both of them!

Let me know how you're getting on if you're doing a similar project and feel free to link your posts down below.

Lots of love,


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