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Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I did a proper review post, dedicated to one product specifically and going in-depth about every single aspect of it. I picked up the Too Faced Born This Way foundation a while ago and I feel like I've been able to really put it to the test and give you my honest opinion on it.

Let's start at the beginning. Too Faced is spot on with the packaging, as always. Some of their products have really playful cases and others are really sophisticated. This reminds me more of the gold packaging they have going on with their bronzers and powders, and I really really love it. The matte glass bottle already indicates this is not a dewy foundation, the cap closes really well, it comes with a handy pump and I just love the bit of gold detailing going on. I'm not sure how well a glass bottle travels, it's a bit heavy if I'm honest, but if you're only going to carry one foundation, I think it's alright.

This foundation has a liquid consistency, meaning it's going to go on quite dewy at first. Don't be fooled, as this is not a dewy foundation. I'd say it's more of a velvet finish; when you apply it with a spunge it will give you a radiant glowy finish, but applied with a brush (which is always my preferred method) it goes on thicker and more velvet-matte. Of course, it's a case of how much you powder afterwards that will determine the actual finish on your skin, but it's a nice in between one that you can handle to your likings. It blends really well and I love the coverage - One and a half pump covers my entire face leaving no redness behind. I do always powder afterwards to set everything down, as I have quite oily skin.

Now a weird problem I've been having with this foundation is that it takes a while to settle down. When I first apply it, it looks like a mask, way too much foundation and caky. But give it like 30 minutes to settle in and it looks completely different, more blended into the skin and the mask-like look is gone. I don't ever apply this when I'm headed off to work in a hurry, but on days where I have a bit more time to get ready, this will make me look flawless.

Does this oil-free foundation help me to control my oils? Sadly, it doesn't. I was kind of hoping I didn't have to touch up during the day, but the oils in my T-zone do peak through somewhere halfway the day. I'm kind of used to that so I'm not too bothered by it, but I hate when it makes my foundation shift around my face a little bit and I do start to notice some weird mix of foundation and oils around my nose, in between my brows and on my skin. Not a good look, but I try to blot the foundation back in with some tissue and a bit of powder. The staying power is rather alright on the rest of my face (cheeks and forehead) so I can live with it.

The shade selection is always a tricky one to nail with foundations. Too Faced recently added some very fair shades and some more darker shades, although they are not all available in the UK or Europe, I think. I have to admit I didn't really check this online, but in store they definitely don't have all the shades. If you read my foundation wardrobe post you'll remember I said I picked up the shade Nude, which is a bit too dark for me - damn you stupid warehouse lighting - but I felt like a shade lighter called Vanilla would have been too yellow anyways. I hate ordering a foundation online that I haven't swatched in real life for this same purpose, but apparently when I do swatch them I still end up picking out the wrong shade. The undertone of this foundation is definitely right for me, so maybe when I'm slightly more tanned in summer I can make this foundation work on it's own. For now I mix it in with my Lightening Drops from The Body Shop and they work really well together.

Overall, I'm quite happy with this foundation. Is it worth the £29/$39 price? Hm, difficult to say. I feel like it's definitely one worth the try as I've not seen anything like it at the drugstore. Does it make me look like I'm born this way? Probably not, but it does help me perfect some areas on my face, which is always good, and it makes my pores less noticeable, which ultimately gives me a more "flawless" look. If you're interested, maybe ask for a sample or something. It's definitely worth a shot and I don't regret buying it at all. Just waiting for the right moment/tan to wear this one more often!

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