3 Ways to wear blue eyeshadow


Hey everyone!

The blue eyeshadow has been back on trend for a bit now, but to me it still s kind of scary to wear a full blue-eyeshadow look without going all 90's vibes.

I've got three ways for you to wear the blue eyeshadow trend today, making it a bit less scary to incorporate some blues in your look.

Disclaimer: these looks were all photographed on different days so excuse the shift in lighting and colour in the photos.

On the inner corners

A subtle and easy way to incorporate some blue into your eye look, is when you keep the lid quite neutral, but pop a bit of light blue on the inner corners. Make sure the shade is not too dark; you still want to brighten up that area. A lovely shimmery baby blue or turquoise shade is perfect to make those inner corners pop, and give an instant summery feel to your entire face. I think it can also look very classy in combination with a dark smokey eye. I recreated a red carpet look using turquoise on the inner corners in this post, if you're interested to check that out.

On the lower lash line

For this you can either use an eye pencil or an eyeshadow, both will work perfectly fine. I find wearing turquoise or a bright blue on the lower lash line can make a look so much more fun. I usually combine it with more greys and blacks on the upper lid, usually even with a black (winged) liner. A more colourful take on this can be found in this post, where I combined it with purple tones on the lid.

On the lid

If you are adventurous enough to wear blue on the lid, you can literally do anything you want. Go for a dark navy blue smokey eye à la KathleenLights (one of my favourite tutorials!), or an aqua-blue turquoise look à la Jaclyn Hill. If you're still unsure to put it all over the lid or do a full blue eyeshadow look, you might just want to use a dark blue eyeshadow as an eyeliner (or just go with a navy kohl or liquid liner), because they are way less scary than the bright ones. Whatever floats your boat! I personally think blue shades look amazing in combination with coral tones, especially for spring and summer.

If you want to check out a few different ways to wear blue, I did a blue version of the classic winged liner look a while back, and also created a dark blue smokey look with the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, if you want to get some more inspiration ;-) Both looks are not that scary to wear, in my opinion.

Let me know which one of these three looks you would wear, or which one you liked the most! Do you maybe have another way to incorporate colour - and more specifically the blue eyeshadow trend - into your look? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Lots of love,


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