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Hey everyone!

Another week, another make up look with the Urban Decay Naked palette. I went for a very light, champange neutral look using the first three shades in the palette. Combined with a classic black winged eyeliner it makes the perfect neutral glam look for a wedding or prom or anything similar.

Look 1   |   Look 2

I'm starting off the look with the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Creme de Rose. This is just to even out the eyelid and create a sticky base for the eyeshadows to go on.

Then I go in with the shade Naked (1) in the crease. This is just to create some extra definition so the light colours really stand out on the lid. Then with a flat eyeshadow brush I'm applying the shade Sin (2) all over the lid, not going up into the crease too much. I'm almost going for the cut crease look, but not quite, as I just couldn't do it. I go back in with Naked (1) to blend out the crease a bit more instead. (Maybe one day I will be able to do it. Today is not that day.)

I apply the shade Virgin (3) to the browbone and the inner corners to brighten up the areas. If you haven't noticed by now, this is just my all time favourite inner corner highlight.

On the lower lash line I apply a little bit of Sin (2) to the inner half of the lash line and go along the rest of it with Naked (1) to tie the look together.

I did a little wing today and tried (but semi-failed) to keep it as close to the lash line as possible, not making it too fat of a line. I used the Kiko Ultimate Pen eyeliner to create the shape and went over it with the Collection Fast Stroke liquid liner to make it extra matte and black.

The mascara I used is the one I'm using each and everyday for the past few weeks, Maxfactor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect. On the lips I'm wearing the Kiko Pencil Lip Gloss 10. Any lip colour would have been better, and I wish I would have gone for a less peachy and more rosy option, but I guess with a neutral look like this you can wear almost everything. Maybe even a bright red lip, if you're going bold.

I'm really into this champagne shimmery look and think it looks so feminin and pretty overall.
What do you think? Let me know down below.

The last two weeks of this mini-series I'll be digging into the darker, smokier shades of this palette. Can't wait to show you the looks I'm about to create with those!

Lots of love,


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