Facial Oils on oily skin: worth a try? - MOA Aphrodite: review


Hey everyone!

One of the products I received in my #NWmeet goodie bag last weekend is the MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil. Having oily skin I usually stay far, far away from facial oils, but since this was a freebie for me I thought: why not give it a go.

I've never heard about the brand MOA before so I really didn't know what to expect. I think the packaging looks lovely and cute and immediately gives the impression of being a natural product - which after some research I've found out is what the brand stands for.

The website states:

"A magical blend for radiant skin; this easily absorbed beautifying facial oil helps to smooth fine lines and ward off premature ageing with its nourishing rosehip oil base. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A, C and essential fatty acids, its natural skin regenerative properties have been revered in folklore over the centuries all across the globe.
Enriched with precious Damask rose essential oil, especially helpful for dry, sensitive skin types prone to redness and blemishes. Organic yarrow essential oil helps to even skin tone, fragrant rose geranium balances and cleanses, whilst marshmallow extract gently soothes and calms the skin."
Alright. So it's for dry and sensitive skin types, eh? That will never work for me. Although, the "ward off premature ageing" and 'helpful for [...] skin types prone to redness and blemishes" really sparked my interest.

The oil comes with one of those typical pipet-thingies, which I guess is just the easiest way to pick up and dose the product. It's recommended to apply it after your skin care in the evening or in the morning, but I'd rather do it in the evening, as I get quite oily during the day. 
As I applied it, I immediately felt that is was a very light oil, not too greasy, and a little goes a very long way. I only needed two drops to cover my entire face. That is, if you have just cleansed and moisturised your face, so the oil can mingle with the products that are still on your face.

I was sceptic at first, as I woke up in the morning with quite an oily film on my skin, which made me a non-believer at first. Sure, an oil was going to make me greasy and it would have never been ideaal for my skin. All I had to do was take a kleenex and gently rub away the excess oils, for me to feel how soft my skin was actually feeling underneath. I was blown away! It didn't break me out, it really nourished my skin and I felt like I had such a great skin day that day!

I think I'm converted and I will definitely use this facial oil more. I'm not going to do so every day, as I'm afraid to overload my skin with products like this, but maybe it's a good one to use every other day to give my skin a boost.

This facial oil retails for £20 and is available on the MOA website, MOA is also on Cult Beauty and FeelUnique, although they currently don't stock the actual product. I've not seen this in physical stores yet but I'll let you know if I do. I'm really glad I got to try this one out; maybe it will encourage me to try out more facial oils, suitable for my skin type.

What are your opinions on facial oils? Yay or nay? Do they work for you? Which ones have you tried out? I'm super curious so please, do let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,


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