Liverpool & #NWmeet


Hey peeps!

I went to visit Liverpool on Saturday with Alice and took some shots while we were there. It was the perfect excuse, as the #NWmeet was happening as well and I couldn't wait to finally meet some faces behind the blogs.

It was lovely to meet all these friendly faces that day. Katy (on the right) did an amazing job at putting together the whole event and assembling the most amazing goodie bag. I'll link everyone's blogs down below (that I can remember, sorry if I left you out!)

We went into town after the meeting was done and even got to visit the Lush Spa on Whitechapel Street!


Go and check out all the lovely ladies below:

I had a wonderful time. I feel like a lot of reviews are coming up for all the new products I get to try now, so keep your eyes peeled if you're up for some review-madness.

Speak to y'all soon!

Lots of love,


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