Saying Goodbye to Alice + Recap in Pics


Hi everyone!

Sad news.
My stay at Hotel Alice is over...

I've reached the end of my internship here in Manchester, which means I'm leaving my friend's house today. Not to worry; I'm not leaving Manchester yet. I'm taking on another adventure here starting tomorrow!

I'll be staying with another guest family: a mum with two kids, two pets and possibly two other guest students in the house. Full house! My language course starts tomorrow and I'm super excited to really get into the English language for the next 5 weeks.

As a recap of my previous adventures here in Manchester, here are some pictures. Of course if you are following me on my personal instagram @charlineofficial, you will have seen most of these already ;-)

I will speak to you lot soon, when I'm settled in and everything has calmed down in the next few days! 

Lots of love,


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