Tropic Smoothing Cleanser + Bamboo Cloth: review


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Another Sunday, another review from one of the products in the #NWmeet goodiebag. I was super excited to try out the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser and finally try out one of those face cloths everyone keeps talking about.

Tropic is a cruelty-free, vegan skincare and makeup brand that only re-branded their entire packaging last year. I think the products look super chique and sleek and the patterned wraps around them look very cute.

The Smoothing Cleanser is developed for dry skin, which I don't have, so I wasn't sure if I would get on with it. I'm used to using cleansers that really get rid of the excess oils on my skin, so I was a bit skeptic when first using this one. It says to use 3-4 pumps for the entire face, and if you were taking off your make up with it, do a second cleanse with another 1-2 pumps.

Now the consistency of this product is very creamy. It almost feels as if I'm putting on my moisturizer, as this product is not foaming at all when I apply it. This is where I can really feel it's made for dry skin, not oily skin. I do feel that people with dry skin would get on with this really well.

I alternate between this one and my regular oil-free cleanser from Kiehl's. It's a good cleanser which leaves my skin really soft after using it, but I can feel it doesn't get rid of the oils as much as I would like to. I really like using it though, as it has a really refreshing scent and feel to it.

I enjoy using the face cloth with it a lot. It's very soft and rinses out really well. I used to use sponges to take off my cleanser in the past, but using the cloth is a really nice way of taking it off as well. It's less de-hydration, I feel.

At £16 I think the Tropic Smoothing Cleanser (Bamboo Cloth included)is really worth a try if you have dry or combination skin. The brand looks really promising and has some amazing mineral make up as well! Go check out the website if there's anything that suits your fancy.

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