Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass palette: review


The most exciting release of the month is finally getting its spot on my blog!

Ever since I heard about Urban Decay coming out with an Alice in Wonderland palette, inspired by the new Alice Through The Looking Glass film, I put some money aside (well, in my head) and waited for it to release in store.

I don't think I've ever tweeted about a product as much as I did with this one. Finally, #UDinWonderland is here and it's happening and it's in my collection and it's on my face!

The packaging is super pretty, being in the Alice in Wonderland film theme completely. The colours on the box match the shades of eyeshadow inside and they really played with the experience, rather than the convenience. Alright, it looks pretty in pictures with the butterfly and everything, but I don't think it would have been necessary. Considering this palette is the same size as the Vice palettes, I think a plastic case and maybe some gorgeous prints on the mirror on the inside would have done just as good to add to the experience, but with it being much more lightweight (this baby is SO heavy! You can't imagine) and practical.

Anyways, it looks pretty in pictures and that's what we all do it for anyways, right?

It comes with a double sided brush as all bigger Urban Decay palettes do and it feels like a really good one. I probably won't use it, just out of habit of using my own brushes, but if you wanted, it's a really decent one.

The shades are inspired by the five main characters in the film: Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time. 5 rows of colours that mirror the character and for beginners, it's 5 looks in a box. Of course you can use the shades as you want, but if you're unsure combining different bright colours, this is super handy to know which ones will go together.

As always, the pigmentation is there. Urban Decay never disappoints. Some shades are a bit chalkier than others, but most of them are really good and don't have a lot of fallout. You'll see in a minute when we get onto the swatches. I think it's a good mix of brights and neutrals. It looks like a scary palette at first, but think away the bright blues, the green and the fuchsia and this palette is actually quite neutral and versatile. It also has a few good mattes in there and even two duo chromes which I'm so excited about!


Looking Glass: a pale nude pink. Matte at first sight, but has a slight sheen to it.

Reflection: a nude matte shade. Perfect for evening out the lids.

Dormhouse: a matte caramel shade with slight glitter to it.

Metamorphosis: an interesting shimmery shade of blue, somewhere in between a sky blue and a royal blue. Very defining for the Alice character. 

Swatches: Looking Glass, Reflection, Dormhouse, Metamorphosis

Mad Hatter

Hatter: a bright emerald shade with a shimmery finish.

Gone Mad: a dark aubergine shade with a shimmery finish. This is one of the more chalky eyeshadows in the palette, but it's very buildable.

Paradox: a metallic orange shade. Very pigmented but has quite some fall out.

Cake: a true fuchsia shade with a shimmery finish.

Swatches: Hatter, Gone Mad, Paradox, Cake

Mirana (white queen)

Lily: a cream duochrome with a violet shift.

Duchess: a pale beige duochrome with a pink shift. The swatches below don't do the duochromes justice, but it was impossible to catch it on photo.

Kingdom: a true bronze with a metallic finish.

 Chessboard: a matte medium brown, perfect for the crease.

Swatches: Lily, Duchess, Kingdom, Chessboard

Iracebeth (red queen)

Heads Will Roll: a matte aqua shade with glitter to it. 

Bandersnatch: a matte dark green-blue shade. Again, one of the more chalky shades but very buildable.

Salazen Grum: a beautiful coppery red shade with a metallic/shimmery finish.

Royal Flush: looks like a pale cream shade in the pan, but translates to a metallic silver shade when swatched.

Swatches: Heads Will Roll, Bandersnatch, Salazen Grum, Royal Flush


Time: a smokey dark grey-blue shade with a shimmery finish. Seriously pigmented and applies like butter.

Dream On: looks way darker in the pan, but actually comes out as a glittery lilac shade.

Chronosphere: a chocolatey bronze shade with a metallic finish.

Mirror: a charcoal grey with a shimmery finish.

Swatches: Time, Dream On, Chronosphere, Mirror

My opinion and first impressions on this palette? I'm obsessed with it and in love with the colourful palette. At £43 it is the same price as the Vice 4 palette, which makes sense as it has just as many eyeshadows inside. It's expensive, but considering how many eyeshadows you get inside, it's really not that much. I'd be spending way more if I were to buy 20 single eyeshadows on the drugstore, for example.

Apart from the really impractical packaging I am really impressed with this palette.

Do you need this palette if you're a make up collector? Absolutely! Do you need it if you like experimenting with colour on the eyes? Yes you do! Do you need it if you're a beginner, or if you only ever wear neutrals on the eyes? Definitely not. If you're ready to try new things with your eyeshadows, I think this palette has quite a lot of neutrals in there to experiment with so you might want to get it anyways.

Last but not least, aren't we all a little bit obsessed with Alice in Wonderland? This palette is just one of those collectors items that you need in your collection if you're a make up junkie like me.

Lots of love,


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