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Hi everyone!

This week's look created with the Makeup Revolution Affirmation palette is a copper look, using mainly the rose gold shades on the end of the first two rows.

If you missed the previous two looks, here you go:

Look 1   |   Look 2

After priming my eyes I'm going in with Hope in the crease, to set a base where I can blend in all the other eyeshadows. Then I'm using a mix of Advance and Blaze all over the lid, following up with Truth on 2/3 of the eyelid, focussing on the outer part.

To deepen up the crease a little bit more I'm dipping into Time ever so slightly. I don't want this shade to take over the look, but just want to create a bit more of a shadow with it.

On the lower lash line I'm applying Hope underneath Blaze, to make it match the upper lid, but not make me look too sickly. You always have to be careful with rosey and red shades underneath the eyes if you're not using black liner, it can look as if you have an eye infection or something! That's why I brought in the shimmer in there, and didn't go overboard with applying the colour.

On the inner corners I'm applying Vouch, the shimmery champagne shade on the second row of the palette.

A coat of Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and I'm good to go! On the lips I'm wearing Maybelline ColorDrama lip crayon in 630.

That was the third warm tones look with this palette! The last two will be more cool toned, with the remaining shades in the palette, I promise. I think this look is my favourite so far, what do you think? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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