Empties #9


Hey everyone!

I used up a few products lately and as always, I want to let you know how I liked using them, if I'm repurchasing any of these and why. As always I divided it in make up, skin care and body & hair.

Clinique Superprimer Universal Face Primer

Like it? I've always liked this one and it's one I can always rely on whenever my skin has some dry patches. This keeps my make up in place so well, it's not mattifying but it's not too oily either, it just feels like a thicker moisturizer basically. This primer will literally work for everyone.
Repurchase? I will definitely repurchase this one at some point, although I've got two others to finish up first and there's one from Make Up For Ever I want to try before repurchasing this one as well.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - n°51 Light Vanilla

Like it? I absolutely enjoyed getting to know this foundation. I didn't think the finish suited my oily skin at first, but I made it work in combination with a mattifying primer and lots of powder. The shade of this one was actually spot on for my skin tone.
Repurchase? Not right now, as I reckon there are definitely foundation around with a better finish for my skin type. But I will definitely keep this one in mind, just in case I want a more hydrating one for Winter.

Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer - Light

Like it? I love how light weight this concealer is. I'm so glad I could get my hands on this one - 'cause boy it ain't easy to get this one in Belgium! It's such a shame they don't do the lighter shades in Europe, as I definitely thought this one was too dark for me. I always used it in combination with something like the l'Oréal Lumi Magique highlighter/concealer and I reckon this concealer would work so well on its own, if only it was light enough.
Repurchase? If I can ever get my hands on the lighter one, I will definitely repurchase it.

Mac Haute & Naughty Lash - brown

Like it? Honestly, I was never the biggest fan of this mascara. I loved how the skinny brush applied my mascara and it looked super natural, as it's a brown one, but after wearing this for 6+ hours it just starts to feel so heavy and itchy on my eyes and I just want to take it off immediately. I love the concept of having a fat brush and a skinny brush in one tube, but the fat one never made my lashes look good and it picked up way too much product. I got some use out of it by adding it to my Project Pan That Product, but I'm going to trow it out because it's kind of dried up, not because it's empty.
Repurchase? Never ever. Sorry Mac!

Maxfactor Velvet Volume False Lash Effect mascara

Like it? It took me some time to get on with this one, as it's a very spikey plastic wand. Poking my eyes out happened on a daily basis with this mascara. Other than that, the formula needed some drying before it actually worked well on my lashes. I loved using this one a lot in combination with other, more volumizing mascaras.
Repurchase? I might repurchase it in the future, but I have a lot of other new ones to try out and use up first. I can definitely see myself picking this up again.

Lush Cupcake face mask

Like it? A facemask that looks and smells so good you want to eat it? Only Lush can do that. This mask works wonders for my oily combination skin, as it's not too de-hydrating, but still purrifies my skin and makes it feel as soft as a baby's bottom.
Repurchase? I will definitely pick this one up again very soon!

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions All-Over Clearing Treatment

Like it? I don't want to repeat myself too much, so I'm going to keep it short: this is one of the only moisturizers I'll ever use. It's perfect for my skin type and it feels so good on my skin.
Repurchase? I always have a back up. Can't get enough of the stuff.

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Like it? I adored this eye cream! It's super hydrating and really keeps your under eye area hydrated all day.
Repurchase? I definitely want to pick up another one after I finish one of my Clinique samples (they are really generous in their samples).

Korres Vanilla Cinnamon Showergel

Like it? I loved the smell of this one a lot, however it doesn't stay on my skin for that long. If I'm going to rub myself in vanilla and cinnamon perfumes, I want to smell like it all day, okay? I wish the smell would be more prominent. If you can't stand heavy scented products but want a little bit of something, this might be for you.
Repurchase? As much as I would love to, I think I won't, as it just wasn't worth it.

Rituals Tao Qi Gong 24h Anti-Perspirant Spray

Like it? This deodorant is my life. End of story.
Repurchase? Always have at least two back ups.

Rituals Honey Touch Rich & Nourishing Body Cream (travel size)

Like it? This body cream works so well in combination with the Rituals scrub, and I love the particular smell of this one. The full size pots are so big though and they are NOT easy to travel with at all.
Repurchase? As I've been moving around in Manchester recently, I don't want to be buying anything that's too bulky and would rather stick to moisturizers in tube-form. I haven't got round to picking a little one of these up yet but I will definitely buy a full size one as soon as I'm settled again here!

Bumble&Bumble Prêt-à-Powder (travel size)

Like it? This was one of those products I wish I wouldn't fall in love with, as it's so expensive, but a little goes a long way with this one and it took me almost two months of using it every other day to use up this tiny little bottle. It works miracles on my hair and helps to hide my roots at the same time.
Repurchase? I bought the full size one, as apparently they stopped making the travel sizes - booh!

Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne 30ml

Like it? Last but not least, I thought this bottle deserved its separate photo and own background. Oh, the love I have for Jo Malone perfumes in general. This was no exception; a gorgeous florally everyday scent that will suit so many different people. It's not too light, it's not too heavy, a few spritzes and you'll be smelling it all day.
Repurchase? I'm not sure if I would repurchase this particular scent again soon. I loved it, but I'd love to try out others as well. Besides, I still have my big ol' bottle of Blue Agava & Cacao sitting on my dressing table, which is my number one perfume Jo Malone does.

That's everything I used up recently! Let me know if you've tried any of these and how you got on with them.

Lots of love,


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