Geometric Liner


Hey everyone!

A while back I saw this photo of a Fendi campaign where the model was wearing her eyeliner in a very interesting way. I thought I would try and attempt it myself and show you how I got on with it.

Now when I say "attempt", I literally mean: I tried it for the first time and I think it went alright, but it's certainly not perfect and I wouldn't wear it outside of the house.

The concept it really simple: instead of putting the eyeliner on your lash line, you put it right above the crease. This creates a really fun effect, especially if you have hooded eyes (like me).

The only thing I did was warm up the eyelid and crease a little bit with some bronzer and a fluffy crease brush. I kept everything else really simple, but kind of wish I put some pale highlighter in the inner corners now. Maybe next time.

The eyeliner I used is the Kiko Ultimate Pen Liner, which is a felt tip liquid liner. I guess either this or a cream eyeliner would be the easiest to apply this shape, as it's quite hard to get right. Maybe it's a good idea to map it out with a brow pencil first, then go over it with actual black liner.

I think this is such a gorgeous look if done right, although I'm not sure if I would ever be brave enough to wear it in real life. It was definitely fun to experiment with a new way to wear my eyeliner.

What do you think? Thoughts? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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