Rainbow Festival Make Up Look


Today we're going BOLDER THAN BOLD!

A few weeks ago I was experimenting with some bright coloured eyeshadows and I thought it was the perfect excuse to upload the look as a festival look. This is probably the only setting I would ever wear a look like this and although it probably took me about two hours to create it, it was definitely worth it!

Pay attention 'cause it's a complicated one. It's exciting, but it took me some practise, time, effort and a lot of blending.

The base routine is exactly the same as the previous Festival Make Up Look as it was created the same day, so click on that if you want the full explanation of the products.

A look like this needs some serious prepping, so I took my trusty Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and primed my eyelids really well, up until the brow bone and into the inner corners. I did not go in with a cream shadow base as I knew I was going to cake on a lot of powder shadows, and didn't want that feeling of a heavy eyelid.

To set down the primer I took my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and went into Foxy and WOS on a fluffy eyeshadow brush. I basically put that all over my lid, up to the brow bone, into the inner corners and underneath my eyes, to make sure everything is evened out and the bright shadows that are going on top have something to blend with.

To create that initial shape to the eye before going crazy with colour, I took the shades Naked 2 and Faint on a crease brush and just took it in a little bit further to the inner part of the crease, almost touching the brow bone in the middle part. Jeffree Star does this with bright crease shades all the time and I've seen other people doing it with bright coloured eyeshadow looks as well so it's just a bit of an experiment for me. It created a nice shadow and I reckon it makes my nose look slimmer!

Once that was all finished and prepped it was time to dive into the brights. 
Now before I start repeating myself everytime, I'll explain the order in which I applied the eyeshadows, but bear in mind that after every step I BLEND RE-APPLY AND BLEND AGAIN to make sure it doesn't have harsh edges but yet has the intensity I wanted it to have. So if I say "I applied", I mean "I applied, blended, re-applied and blended again". I put one clean fluffy brush aside that I only used for the actual blending out of the eyeshadow, rather than blending shades with each other. I also use a different brush for every shade I use, so they never get mixed up.

Remember this look is all about the blending. Did I say blending yet?

I started with the lightest shade on the inner third of the eyelid and for this I used the Park Avenue eyeshadow in 09 Sunflower. This is such a lovely warm yellow shade which makes it perfect to transition into the pink later on. I applied it with the tip of my ring finger to make sure the pigmentation was there, as this eyeshadow is quite chalky in consistency.

To make sure it will blend with the bright fuchsia, I go around the edge with the Make Up Geek eyeshadow in Mango Tango first. This is a coraly pink with just enough pigmentation to make it a perfect transition colour for the next one. 

The fuchsia shade is brought to you by H&M and is called Kobai Azalea. This baby is pigmented and is such a gorgeous one, I'm in love. I applied it with a smaller eyeshadow brush so I could be really precise with the placement, as I only wanted it in the middle of the eyelid and didn't want to cover up all the yellow eyeshadow. After applying-blending-reapplying-blending, I went in with the yellow Sunflower again to re-intensify, then made sure to mix the two together one last time with Mango Tango.

Now for the difficult part: bringing the bright blue to the mix! It's quite a scary one to transition from bright fuchsia to this one, but with a lot of patience you can get there. I took an even smaller, more precise eyeshadow brush than the last one and made sure to only put it on the outer corners of the eyelid. Oh, this is the Peacock eyeshadow by H&M by the way. With whatever was left on the brush I dragged it slightly into the crease as well, just to darken up the area. Then I went back in with Kobai Azalea, concentrating only on the outer edges as I just nailed that inner part and didn't want to mess it up again, to make it transition to the blue more. Then went back in with Peacock, and repeated these steps - with the necessary blending of the edges in between, of course - until I was happy with the intensity.

So then it was time to make it a bit smokier in the crease. For this I used the Make Up Geek eyeshadow in Cherry Cola, which is a gorgeous purpley brown shade. I took a flat crease brush and just swept it into the crease, but made sure to really oncentrate it just in the crease and not mess up the eyeshadows underneath.

I took the H&M Peacock eyeshadow on a smudger brush and applied it to the outer half of the lower lash line, and from there on I slightly winged it out. Then I took my crease brush with Cherry Cola again to blend it out and together one last time.

On the inner half of the lash line and on the entire waterline, I used the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the shade Freak. This product inspired this entire look, as I kind of wanted this one to be the main focus of the make up look. I guess it kind of still is, as I have hooded eyes and you don't see the upper lid half of the time, but it took a bold turn and now we're here. 

I still think this particular, unique shade of green makes the look complete, and as all the eyeshadows are actually matte, this one brings the metallic shimmery-ness to the eye look. And we do need some sparkle after all, right.

To brighten up the inner corners I used Make Up Geek's foiled eyeshadow in Charmed, which is just a really pigmented pure silver colour. These foiled eyeshadows are so good and give the perfect amount of glitter to this look. I think a good inner corner highlight really ties everything together.

For mascara I opted for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof, as this is a festival make up look after all, we need something waterproof! It's also one of my favourite mascaras of all times.

On the lips I picked out the most bright, pinky option I had in my collection, so we have the Bourjois Contour Edition lip pencil in 02 Coton Candy with the Rimmel Kate lipstick in 38 on op.

 There we have it! I hope everyone who ever thought about doing a look like this will now have a good guide to hold onto while trying it out. No pressure, do this when you have a few hours to spare and try it out on your own pace. It took me so long to get this right, but I'm so happy with the final result.

Will you be rocking a bold eyeshadow look this festival season? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are!

Lots of love,


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