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I'm starting my new job tomorrow and later today I'm officially moving into my new place. As the job I'm doing is not fully paid for yet, I'm going to need to save up for a bit.

I'm going to try and not buy any make up for the entire months of July and August. I know it's going to be hard, as I'm constantly surrounded by make up brands and stores and all the high end make up is available here in Manchester, it's crazy how easy it is for me to go to Selfridges and decide to swipe my bank card for that new eyeshadow palette, bronzer or highlighter.

The rules I'm setting myself are: skincare is allowed for repurchases, and make up is only allowed if I run out of something I only have ONE of (let's say I run out of concealer, I literally only have one concealer left in my collection so of course I'll need to buy a new one. That is, only if I run out of it before the project ends).

I did pick up some newbies recently, so this will be my last haul for now!

Smashbox Photo Finish Pore Minimizing primer

I've been using the regular Photo Finish oil-free primer before and it's alright, but not my absolute favourite. This one, however, reminds me a lot of the Benefit PoreFessional, which I really get on with. I'm excited to be using this one very soon!

Nyx HD Studio Phtogenic foundation - 104 Sand Beige

I've already tried this one a few times and it actually works so well when applied with my Artis Oval 7 brush. It blends in like a dream, has a good medium coverage, is not too dewy but doesn't seem to make me more oily than any other foundation I own, and the shade match for me at the moment is spot on. I'm really digging this one.

Nyx Lid Lacquer - 01 Transparent

I was looking for a good adhesive so I can finally start using my pigments in a correct way. This comes really close to a glitter glue; it's quite sticky which is good for pigments and glitters, and the good thing is that it's completely clear.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil - 04 Milk

I feel like everyone needs one of these in their life. I wanted to do some bold, colourful looks on the blog and felt like this was missing in my collection. Bright colours apply so much more intense on top of a white base.

l'Oréal Nude Magique Cushion foundation - 04 Rose Vanilla

I've been wearing this a lot since I picked it up and surprisingly I really like it. It doesn't have a lot of coverage, but the colour match is quite good and this is actually very handy to carry around in my bag. I even did my make up on the train a few weeks ago and just used the little pad-applier it comes with. It doesn't work well with the bronzer, I feel like, but for the foundation it works rather well on-the-go. This is good for people that don't want to cake on the foundation, but just want a base for the rest of their make up, or want to create a more flawless, dewy complexion with zero effort.

YSL Touche Eclat - 2

Yes I wanted to pick up the latest limited edition one. Yes that one was only in shade 1. Yes it was actually on offer. Yes that one was way too pink toned for me. No I don't understand either why they made the previous ones in shade 2 as well but didn't do it for this one. No I'm not upset, as I can't stand the thought of not having this product in my collection. I ran out on a Saturday morning and immediately picked up another one in the afternoon. The shade works really well for me and although it's quite an expensive product, it's truly life-changing.

Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes palette (Shadow - Liner - Brow Powder)

When I saw this cute little eyeshadow palette I couldn't help but pick it up. The shades in this palette are all mattes, very neutral and wearable, and are marketed as being multi-purpose. I think the actual brow shades are quite warm-toned and maybe it would have been a good idea to put in an ashier toned eyeshadow for this purpose, but I'm not planning on using these to fill in my brows so I'm not complaining. I prefer warm toned eyeshadows anyways. The shadows are very buttery and although when swatched they don't seem overly pigmented, they are very buildable and soft and apply beautifully. A good one to carry around in your hand bag or for travelling, as it's really compact and lightweight with a decent mirror inside.

I'll have to get a bit more creative with my posts now, although I reckon I've been purchases plenty of new make up that I can blog about.

I'll still keep doing the eyeshadow palette series, which is 1/3 of all the posts going up. I reckon I can do it. Of course, this will only benefit my Project: Pan That Product (new update is coming tomorrow).

I hope I can keep this up! Please don't hate me if I complain on twitter, it's my way of coping with things. :'D

Lots of love,


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