This Works Deep Sleep: review


Hi peeps!

I've been trying out these This Works products over the past two months or so and I really felt like telling you about them, as it's a bit different than the usual beauty posts.

The This Works Deep Sleep products are supposed to help you relax and help you get to sleep faster. That definitely sounded like something I desperately needed, so I decided to try out the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and the Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball.

The pillow spray smells like lavender and is just the best smell in the world to fall asleep to. Does it help me sleep? Maybe. Does it relax me? Definitely. Just a few sprays on or next to your pillow and your bed smells good until you fall asleep.

The roller ball smells more like eucalyptus, which I'm not sure if it helps me sleep, but again, is a very relaxing scent. I usually just roll it on my wrists, but you can put it behind your ears, on your neck, every pulse point basically. This one is super travel friendly as well and will definitely be going with me on holiday.

The spray retails for £16 and the roller ball at £12 in Boots. If you buy them in a set, you save £6 as well.

Is it worth it? Well, it's definitely a luxury product and nowhere near necessary, but if you have some money to spare, I'd say definitely give one of these a go and you will be sold.

Will you be trying out any of these? Do you have other alternatives to these products, or maybe some tricks to get to sleep faster? Let me know in the comments!

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