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Hey everyone!

The past two months Benefit has been spreading out luxury samples of their recently released brow collection in different magazines. What better way to try out the new goodies than when they are included for free in my favourite magazines?

The first thing I got to try out is the Goof Proof Brow Pencil in the shade 2. I was lucky enough to get a shade that matches me perfectly. It's not too pale, as my eyebrows are quite dark, but it's not too dark either, as I'm blonde and don't want to go overboard with my brows.

It's super easy to use, I can fill in my eyebrows in less than a minute and they will look decent. The formula is very soft so I do feel like I'm using more product than I need to, but it makes it really easy to work with.

The Ready, Set, Brow! clear gel is one of the products that immediately caught my attention. I love me a good clear brow gel, so I'm really happy I got to try this one out. The wand has two sides, one with short bristles and one with longer ones. I get the idea behind it, although for me personally it doesn't really make any difference. I guess the short side gives you a bit more control, but that is it. I do really like the formula and I'm pretty much obsessed.

Last thing was the Gimme Brow, which I tried before but never really worked well for me. The darker one was way too dark and ashy for me, even back in the days when my hair was darker, and I never got round to trying the lighter shade. This shade 1, which I think is not the exact same as it used to be. It doesn't seem as light as it did in the old packaging, but that might be just an impression of me.

I'm really impressed with how this colour works for me. At the moment my eyebrows are quite full and I don't always need to fill them in, so this is the perfect little brow product to have with me when I'm in a rush.

Overall I'm very chuffed with the products I've tried out. I will definitely purchase the full sizes of the brow pencil and the clear gel as soon as I run out of these, and I might even pick up the skinny brow pencil as well.

Have any of you tried these? What did you think? Worth the hype, or over-hyped? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Lots of love,


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