Pukkelpop in Pics


If you're not my friend on facebook,
or you don't follow my personal instagram,
or you didn't see my festival make up look last Friday,

you will have completely missed the fact I've been to Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium last week.
I had a great time being around my friends from back home.

Here are some pictures I took there. Simple as that.

All hell broke loose after the performance of one of the most popular Belgian bands of the moment, Bazart.

Pukkelpop is always on point with the colour scheme.

Had purple ends to my blonde hair for the weekend!

Lukas Graham, one of the best performances of the weekend!

Everyone fell in love with Warhola, including me.

I hope you all had the opportunity to experience a great festival this summer.
Sorry for the lazy post today. It's been crazy busy over the past few weeks, packing for my holiday to France, then being back at home, then getting back into the swing of things in Manchester. I've missed this space a lot, and I'm glad to be back!

Lots of love,


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