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Hey people!

Today I'll be talking about a few REN Skincare product I've had on trial for the past month or so. I picked them up after receiving a sample of one of the two products, and I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't resist.

I'm not a skincare-expert, so all I can do is tell you how I experience the product with my oily skin.
I don't usually go for products like these, as they are part of REN's Radiance range, but they seem to work for me pretty well.

The sample I got to try out was the REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial. I apply it at night, after cleansing and moisturizing my skin and right before bed. It feels a little sticky at first, but it does put all the good moisture in your skin. I feel like this works better for me than an actual facial oil, as I'm quite oily already. This is perfect to keep my skin moisturized overnight.

I don't apply this every evening, as I combine prescription ointment for my acne with it as well. So I will do this only once or twice a week, and skip my prescription that evening. 

This one comes in at £32 for 40ml. As I only use it a few times a week, I feel like this will last me for a really long time, which makes it worth its money.

The other one I picked up is the Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, on recommendation of one of my friends. I picked up the travel size, as I wasn't sure if it would work for me. It's supposed to take away the top layer of your skin, in a good way of course, to really cleanse it. It's recommended to leave this on for ten minutes before washing it off, especially if you have really sensitive skin. I actually leave it on for 15-20 minutes.

This comes out as a kind of paste, it almost reminds me of some kind of apricot jam. I have to resist eating it, honestly (only joking of course). I never tried a mask like that, so it is interesting to be using this. I don't want to make my skin too sensitive, so I only use it once every two weeks, and never in combination with the Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial, as it would be too much. But it feels nice whenever I have had it on and really replenishes my skin.

The travel size is £14 for 20ml and the full size is £32 for 50ml. I highly recommend you check out this product.

Have you ever tried anything from REN? Could you recommend me anything else I should try? Let me know in the comments below.

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