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Hey everyone!

This look is the odd one out of the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. While this palette is filled with all warm browny shades, it contains two gorgeous purple shades as well.

This purple smokey look is created with just those two eyeshadows. Really easy to create, with rule of thumb: "when in doubt, blend."

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After setting my eyeshadow base with the pale white matte eyeshadow Bitter Start (1), I go straight in with the mauvey purple shimmer shade called Delicate Acidity (2). I start building it up with an eyeshadow brush, blending it out with a clean eyeshadow brush in the crease, going back in with my finger to build up the pigment, blend again. I do this a few times back and forth until I reach the desired intensity.

When I'm happy with that and everything is nice and blended, I go in with a smaller, precise crease brush and the shade Infusion (3). This is basically a matte dark purple with micro-glitter in it. You don't really notice it at all when it's applied on the lid, unless you really build it up. I'm just blending it into the crease and on the outer corners of my lids. I also run this along the lower lash line to tie that in with the smokey look.

I'm not applying any shimmer in the inner corners, but just going over with Bitter Start (1).

And that is it! Simple, huh?

On top and bottom lashes I'm wearing MaxFactor Voluptuous False Lash Effect mascara and my lips are Ellis Faas Hot Lips in L409.

I always forget how much purple shades suit my green eyes. I should definitely wear this look more often! Do you wear a lot of purple shades? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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