End of Spending Ban: My Wishlist


Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce that my spending ban is over! Although I still kind of need to make sure I'm not spending all my money on make up again, it was good practice. Let me tell you all about what is on my wish list now.
After stopping myself to go out and buy everything that pops in my head, I actually took the time to think about what I really want. I've been debating over buying the Urban Decay Naked 3 or Naked Smoky for ages, but they announced the release of the new Naked Ultimate Basics palette not too long ago. Move over, Naked 3, this one will be my new baby.

I would love to try the Becca Champagne Pop Poured highlighter as soon as I can get hold of it - is it actually out in the UK yet? I haven't been to SpaceNK in ages! - and I think that one will work better on me than the powder version. I'll definitely go and swatch that in store whenever I have the time.

I've also been wanting to buy a Nars Eyeshadow Duo for ages. I'm not sure wether to go for Kuala Lumpur (see picture) or Isolde? I feel like I have a lot of copper and bronze shades already, so Kuala Lumpur might be a bit more unique in my collection... thoughts?

Lastly I definitely want to try an Urban Decay Vice lipstick, preferably the comfort matte in 1993 (which is my birth year, and I feel oddly attracted to this lipstick for that reason).

I did cheat a tiny little bit in the past two months. I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Kiko Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadows and picked up shades 04 and 05. Yes, a new store opened in the middle of Manchester. I wouldn't have bought them if I wouldn't have seen them in real life, but I caved. I'm sorry.

I've also been going to Harvey Nichols a dozen of times to see if the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Dark Brown was back in stock, so yes, I did buy it as soon as it arrived again. And yes, I've been enjoying it very much, as I mentioned in my August Beauty Favourites.

Something I didn't include in the picture is the Clarins Bronzing & Blush compact. I'd like to think this one was not so much cheating, as I picked it up in duty free. I know I cheated. But shhhh.

I'm glad I'm off the spending ban, but I must control my spendings for a little bit. It would be easier if all these lovely brands didn't come out with new releases all the time... ;-)

Lots of love,


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