Life Update


Hey peeps,

Hope you're all well. Time for an update, as I feel like I haven't properly talked to you lot in ages.

It's been one hell of a semester here in Manchester.

I've done an internship for 3 months, then went to a language school for 5 weeks, met some amazing new friends (almost all of them are back in their home country right now and I miss them very much), I'm back at my internship but received the news I cannot stay until the end of December, like they first said.

I'm going back to the language in two weeks, to take an English Exam at the end of November, arranged by the University of Cambridge. Let's see how English we've become in the past 6 months, shall we? Then I'm probably going back home to Belgium when November ends.

My blog has been all over the place, from reducing the posting times twice in 6 months, to creating a steady series with "5 looks with..." and throwing so many beauty posts at you even I get tired of doing them sometimes.

I also feel like I don't have enough time to put into my blog anymore. I know blogging is so much more than just posting an X amount of times each week, but I just don't seem to take the time anymore to read and comment on other blogs, to be active on social media to promote my blog and connect with like-minded people, and to make my blog grow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy even if I only get one or two comments on a post, but the amount of effort going into creating a make up look every week doesn't weigh up against the small amount of interaction I get on the posts.

I do still love creating these looks, and I will continue to do so for as long as I have palettes to create looks with. I do feel like I need to cut down on posting times again, in order for me to keep up with everything else I want to do. Yes, I want to be able to watch my favourite YouTubers. Yes, I want to catch up on the latest episodes of PLL and Catfish. Yes I have a lot of stuff to do at home, as I'm living on my own now. Chores like laundry and dishes are now part of my routine and that takes an awful lot of getting used to.

Yes, I also want to have more time to make music again. I feel so inspired after going to the festival, and I actually brought my recording stuff with me from back home. I want to experiment with my music and finally put some new originals online if possible.

Blogging has always been a hobby. I prioritised it in the first year of blogging - which was clearly a wrong life decision - but it has made me realised what comes first. I'll still blog, just less, that's all.

Wednesday make up looks will still stay. A second miscellaneous (beauty) post will go up every Saturday. This can be favourites, empties, updates on my Project Pan, reviews, and maybe the odd lifestyle post like I'm doing now, depending on the events happening in my life.

The odd post might appear on Monday, if I want to squeeze in something unexpected, like hauls or even the music I'm about to upload. This will not be a regular posting day, though.

I feel much more relaxed already, knowing I don't need to rush to fit in my blog into my life anymore. I'll still need to plan out doing the makeup looks, and will stop doing them as soon as I feel like I can't keep up with them, but for now, I'm happy to continue doing so.

Speak to you all soon, and please let me know how you handle blogging in combination with a job, school, or any other life situations.

Lots of love,


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