Eyeshadow Collection Pt. 1 Single Shadows


Hey everyone!

As promised in my Make Up Storage + Collection I'm showing you my eyeshadow collection in detail. Today is part 1 with the single eyeshadows!

I recently purged out my collection as well where I got rid of a few single shadows. I feel like this is still way too many single shadows, but it's more manageable now.

Hope you enjoy!

If you're a frequent reader of my blog you will know how much I love the H&M High Impact Eye Colours. From neutrals to brights, I have 9 in total. I love them all equally as much. From left to right, top to bottom: Ginger Snap, Russet Rose, Act Your Beige, Shiitake, Mojave, Cocoa Mauve, Turmeric, Kobai Azalea, Peacock.

A few Urban Decay eyeshadows cannot miss in my collection. I love the formula of them, and these three are absolutely unique. Dive Bar, Tonic and Solstice, all duo chromes, are nothing like I've seen anywhere else. Kiko is also always a winner when it comes to eyeshadows. There's the Wet&Dry eyeshadows in 209 and 200, the Bright Duo shadows in 04 and 05 and the Infinity Shadow in 210. Yes, I hate that they only give the number, too. Lastly for powder eyeshadow I have one l'Oréal Color Riche l'Ombre Pure left in my collection in the shade 601 Soleil Levant. Another duochrome, but a very light blue one with a purple shift. Gorgeous, that one.

Only recently did I hop on the bandwagon that's called Colourpop. These eyeshadows in Hammered and Flutes are gorgeous and I'd love to try out more of them soon. The MaxFactor Shimmer Excess cream shadow in 20 Copper was an impulse buy but it's a gorgeous one for creating that glossy look to your eyeshadow. The Kiko Cream Crush in 07 is super dark but sometimes I'm just all about that. Honestly I rarely ever use it but I just can't get rid of it. One I definitely use a lot is the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in My Two Cents. I adore the formula and the shade of that one. Another gorgeous terracotta shade is the Givenchy Ombre Couture in 2 Beige Mousseline. Love that little bit of glitter in there as well.

A gorgeous rose gold shade is the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in 82 Emerveillé. Expensive, but worth trying out. Lastly there's the wonderful Maybelline Color Tattoos. The shades I held onto are On and On Bronze, Creamy Beige, Crème De Rose, Everlasting Navy and Metallic Pomegranate. All serve a different purpose but they're all super pretty.

There you go! What do you think? Too much, or not enough? Part two will be up next week: Palettes!

Lots of love,


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