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Hi Everyone!

After clearing out my make up stash, I thought it was a good time to show you my eyeshadow collection. As promised in my Make Up Storage + Collection post, here we are.

Last week we had Part 1: Single Eyeshadows. Today is part two: Eyeshadow Palettes!
I will list them from small to bigger to biggest.

Also: bear in mind I took these photos before I added the new Urban Decay Ultimate Basics palette to my collection. Sorry 'bout that, I wasn't planning on that new palette coming out! ;-)

I have a few pocket sized palettes with less than 5 shadows in them. The Balm Autobalm palette is a wonderful little multi-tasker for travel. The most I've ever payed for only four eyeshadows in probably my Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita palette, but oh my god this is beautiful. (5 looks with The Dolce Vita). Then there's two Makeup Geek shadows sitting in this Mac case, because they don't fit in my Z-palette. 

The Mac BrownLuxe palette was my first ever eyeshadow palette I bought with my very own money. It's still a beautiful one. The YSL eyeshadow palettes have always been good to me. For some reason I didn't bother looking at the names while I was typing this, but they are all limited edition anyways. (sorry 'bout that). YSL always reels me in with their packaging though. The rose gold one is from Clarins last season's limited edition collection, a kind gift from my little niece (well, her mum, but you know). Gorgeous shades in there.

If you have never seen the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes, then where the hell have you been living? A good staple in everyone's collection. A very expensive purchase but such an amazing quality you get from Marc Jacobs. The Dreamer palette is literally dreamy. (5 looks with The Dreamer).

A great must-have matte palette in the collection is The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude. Gorgeous mix of warm and cool shades. (5 looks with Meet Matt(e) Nude). Another (very similar, I just realised) great matte palette and handy pocket-sized is the Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes palette. Quickly became a staple to my routine. Then there's a 9-pan Z-palette filled with Makeup Geek shadows, from glitter to neutral to bright.

Of course my Urban Decay Naked palette 1 and 2 are still in my collection. How can I ever say goodbye to them? Exactly: never. They are always good to me. (5 looks with Naked, 5 looks with Naked 2). A recent addition is the Maybelline The Rock Nudes. Thought it might be a good one to fill up the empty space of the Urban Decay Naked Smoky I have not yet invested in; Like the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes (which I own but don't have with me now for whatever reason) is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 3. Similar quality to Urban Decay and more affordable is Zoeva. Both the En Taupe and Cocoa Blend palette are b-e-a-utiful. (5 looks with Zoeva Cocoa Blend).

 The big guns! Urban Decay Vice 4 is a scary one for some people, although I think it's very wearable. (5 looks with Vice 4). A little less wearable, but still containing a lot of neutrals if you have a closer look, is the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. Bright, nut just the way I like it. (5 looks with UD in Wonderland). Up for neutrals, then the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette might be more for you. I haven't used this in ages but I'm determined to start using it again. Did you know it smells of chocolate. Lastly there's my custom Mac palette, filled with my favourite eyeshadows. I love looking at it, but never pick it up, and I really should. 

Going through my make up like this definitely woke me up, saying "please use this more thank you. It costed you a fortune."

 By the size of my palette collection you can definitely tell eyeshadow is my favourite part of makeup. That's why enjoy doing the "5 looks with..." series so much.

 Let me know which ones of these you own and how you get on with them!

Lots of love,


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