Project Pan That Product: update #12


Hey everyone!

Wow, I can't believe I've been doing this project for a year now! The 12th update, let's see how the progress has been this month.

Last month the products looked like this.

I finished up the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and replaced it with the Soap&Glory Archery Brow Pencil in Blondeshell.

Today, the products look like this:

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense - 01 Curviest Caramel

I'm not sure if you can see progress at all, but this lippie lives in my handbag 24/7. Whenever I feel like reapplying my lipstick, it will be this one I put on. I don't use it every single day though, as I just don't wear lipstick that often or forget to reapply during the day. Usually I put it on in the morning before I'm off, but if I'm in too much of a hurry, I'll just skip it.

Benefit Hoola bronzer

Although you can see progress on this every month - yes, I do still use it every single day - this is going so slow it pisses me off. This one is worth your money, folks! Infinite product in here.

Benefit Sugarbomb blush

I don't know why I show you this product every month, as it just doesn't really show you anything. Same as with the bronzer above, this takes ages to finish up! I can see a difference now in the four colours; it probably has something to do with the pigments, but the pink tones in here disappear quicker than the orange and purple. Who knows you might see the actual pan showing through next month. Or the month after that. Or the one after that...

l'Oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision - Brown

This liner is finally dried up. I have to go in at least 3 times to apply eyeliner on one eye, the felt tip was wonky anyways so I'm happy to get rid of this one. It's been an okay eyeliner but I would not pick this up again in the future. Although it was a lovely colour.

Soap&Glory Archery Brow Pencil - Blondeshell

I've been wearing this every day and there's no point in showing you the inside really. If I twist it up too much it's so hard to get it back inside, but I can tell you for sure this thing is being used. Can you see how much the writing has rubbed off by now? It was all still on last month... Been loving this one a lot.

MaxFactor Voluptuous False Lash Effect mascara

I was planning on throwing this out asap, but the formula drying out a bit has made it so much better. Also, I've been skipping the lash curlers lately and this mascara is actually so much prettier on my natural lashes. Someone complimented me on my lashes the other day, and I'm like "Imma use this mascara one more month then"!

Soap&Glory One Heck Of a Blot powder

As you can see, the only product left is on the very edges of the pan. This powder is so empty to the point where I can't get any product off of it anymore. You know how pressed powders can form a weird film on top of it when you're about to run out and literally no pigment comes off anymore? That's what happened with this one, so I will throw this out, into the bin!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

I've been using this a lot more this month and the pans have grown bigger. The concealer is actually starting to gross me out so I think I will use this for one month and then get rid of it for hygienic reasons.

Two products down!
Two new ones will be added to the project.

The Balm Schwing eyeliner

Blacker than black, matter than matte! This eyeliner is everything and I can't believe I let it sit in my make up drawer for so long. Long overdue, this one is going back into my daily make up routine!

Nyx HD Studio Photogenic Foundation - 104 Sand Beige

I have no powders that I really want to use up at the moment, as there's only one in my collection right now anyways. Instead I'm going to add in a foundation again. Reason for this is that I have a new foundation I really don't want to use before I use up another one, and I'm planning on buying that Hourglass stick foundation. This Nyx foundation was a good colour match for me in summer. I might still get away with it now. This applies beautifully with my Artis Oval 7 and gives me a good coverage without looking cakey. Excited to use this one more often.

Have you been doing a project like this? Or using up any make up lately?
Tell me if using up make up is a big deal for you, just like me. I feel like I never used up any make up until I started this project! I'm so proud whenever I finish up something... Just me?

Lots of love,


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