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If you guys have been reading my blog for a certain amount of time, you will know I'm a sucker for everything Urban Decay. Of course when they were coming out with a new Naked Palette, I had to get my hands on it!

Here's a quick first impressions with swatches on the Naked Ultimate Basics palette for you.

We're all suckers for packaging, so of course I have to mention the pretty, rose gold packaging that they went for. I think UD has absolutely nailed it with the design. It catches the eye and is will look gorgeous on your vanity table/dresser/anywhere you keep your make up.

I do think the paint might come of if it gets scratched a lot, but let's not worry about that straight away, okay?

Now the case itself is made out of plastic. Think like the Naked Basics palettes, but bigger. Even though it's quite big and might look bulky at first, it's actually not too thick. It also feels very sturdy without feeling heavy. I love that there's a magnetic closing on it and I feel like it will keep it closed very well. I love the colour of plastic that's used on the inside as well, almost like a marble-effect beige plastic. Last but not least there's a huge mirror inside, as we all already expect from any Urban Decay palette.

Inside you get 12 shades - 11 mattes and one that's supposed to be a "demi-matte" which I would rather call a sheeny shimmery eyeshadow but okay. You also get a cute little duo-ended eyeshadow brush: one with longer bristles which can be used for laying on eyeshadow on the lid or getting into the crease, the other with very short hairs that it great to get into the inner corners or to smudge out the lower lash line.

The shade range might not look like much at first, but you get a good variety of cool tones and warm tones in here. The neutral beige shades come off darker in the swatches than they look in the pan, so they are all quite different. Although they call them matte shades, a few of them actually have the tiniest amount of shimmer in them. It won't translate as a shimmer on the lids, but it gives the shades more dimension and less "flatness", if you know what I mean.

The pigmentation is there. I knew that Urban Decay wouldn't disappoint. Some shades are a bit chalkier than others, but I'm very happy with the buildability of the darker shades. As you might know I have quite oily eyelids so I can't really judge on the staying power, but with my trusty eye primer, they stay on all day.

Now to the actual shades.


Blow: the "demi-matte" highlighting shade. This is great to put into the inner corners or the brow bone.

Nudie: a pale peachy toned neutral that can be used all over the lid to even it out or to set down a primer or base.

Commando: basically the same as Nudie, only slightly darker and a bit cooler toned. Great as a lid colour or crease shade if you want to keep it very simple.

Tempted: a darker, cool toned greige shade, perfect for defining the crease and on the lower lash line for a neutral smokey look.

Instinct: a gorgeous mauve shade that I cannot wait to use! I think it's so unique and it looks perfect in combination with the next shade in the row.

Lethal: a beautiful plum shade that will create a stunning smokey eye! This one is more on the chalky side so I expect a bit of fallout, however I think it's perfectly buildable, which is what I want from a darker shade like this anyways.


Pre-Game: a pale matte that reminds me a lot of the shade Foxy they've had in previous palettes. I'm obsessed with shades like this just to set down the base or even to brighten up the under eye area.

Extra Bitter: the most exciting shade of them all! I guess everyone is obsessed with shades like these, especially if they are matte. If this would be a shimmer shade, it would have been called "copper" I'm sure. However, it's a matte terracotta shade that I will use all day everyday!

Faith: a neutral warm brown that every palette should have. Perfect as a lid shade, works great as a crease shade for lighter looks as well.

Lockout: a darker version of Faith. More of a crease and definition shade as it is quite dark.

Magnet: a very interesting grey shade with a hint of blue to it. More to the cooler side again, though very pretty for a classic grey smokey eye.

Blackjack: I wouldn't call it a true black, as I think Blackout from the Naked 2 palette is more black than this one is. I would describe it more as a deep dark grey shade. Of course every palette needs a shade like this to use as a liner, to smoke out the lower lash line, to create a deep smokey eye and so on. It's so versatile and you can use it in so many different ways.

The price of this palette is a whopping £38.50 but you do get a lot for your money. If you think about it, it's only a little over £3 per shadow plus you get gorgeous packaging and a brush with it. At this point in my life I'm at a stage where every time I spend that kind of money on makeup I don't need, I will have to stop my social life for a week and only buy food for my tummy with the little money I have left, but OH WELL. It's Urban Decay, how could I say no.

Would you buy this gorgeous new release from Urban Decay? Maybe you already did and you want to share your thoughts down below? Let's discuss if we think it was worth the money...

Lots of love,


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