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Hey everyone!

This will be the last "5 looks with", at least for this year. I have a few other palettes in my collection that I haven't used yet, but we'll see if I can continue this series a little more in 2017.

For now, the next 5 looks will be created with the Zoeva En Taupe palette. You might think this palette is not very versatile, but used in the right combinations with different eyeliners and lipsticks I think you can create very different looks with this one.

For the first one I'm focussing on the more brown toned shades in this palette, combined with a gorgeous matte grey eyeliner.

As always I prime my eyelids before I dip into the eyeshadows. To set down the base I'm using Stitch By Stitch (1), which is a pale mate white shade.

Then into the crease I apply Gallery (2), a matte taupey beige shade, perfect for shading. With a fluffy brush I apply this messily all over the crease, nothing to dramatic or defined.

Then for the lid shade I'm dipping into Wrapped In Silk (3), a greigey shimmer shade. This is one of those barely there shades that's great to wear if you don't want to wear too much, but still want a bit of something there.

Lastly I'm going into Outline (4), a cool toned bronze metallic shade, and apply this on the outer V of the eyelid. I also run this shade along the lower lash line.

The eyeliner I thought would look really nice with this look is the l'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Grey. I don't wear this one as much as I should, it's gorgeous for winter times.

The mascara I'm wearing is the MaxFactor Voluptuous False Lash mascara and on the lips is Mac Velvet Teddy.

What do you think about this first look? Let me know down below. I quite like this one, as it has something purpley to it, even though I didn't really use the actual purple toned shades in the palette. Interesting...

Lots of love,


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