Life update


Hey everyone!

After living in Manchester for almost 10 months, I'm finally back home, in Belgium.
It's been a crazy ride. Time for an update.

If you have read my blog at all over the past year, you will have seen a few updates. If you want to catch up on everything I did, go and read those here. When I read them back, it's like a diary I kept to myself and shared with the world at certain stages in my adventure.

About my life.

I have done my Cambridge Proficiency Exam and I am sure you will hear about it on my social media (@charline_st on twitter, @charlineofficial on personal instagram) when I get my results.

Being in Manchester for so long has changed my life. Leaving this place is bittersweet, but I will be left with good memories. I've been to so many amazing places, met a lot of new people and made amazing friends from all over the world. It is with pain that I leave the UK, but I'm sure I will be back at some point very soon.

I will miss the atmosphere, the vibrance and quirkiness of Manchester. I will miss the Mancunians and their accent and their kindness. I will definitely not miss the weather. But I will miss every other aspect of this crazy city. Manchester will forever be in my heart (and on my ankle), and it's an experience I will never forget.

And I can't wait for all my bags to be unpacked. I feel like I've accumulated a lot of things while I was in the UK and I don't think everything will fit in my "old" room anymore. (I still have some things in Manchester that I couldn't bring with me right now, so I'll just have to go and get that as soon as possible). I might need to do a major clear out of my entire room, and throw stuff away that I've noticed I don't really need anymore. This week will be a calm one, since I told everyone to leave me alone until my head is organised and I've acclimated to these circumstances again.

About turning 23.

It was my birthday on Saturday. ♪Nobody likes you when you're 23♪ and all that jazz. It was good to spend it at home with my family. This year was really not about the presents, but about spending it just like every year. It felt weird to not be in Manchester, but it also felt good to spend it in the traditional way - waking up in my same old bed and my mum walking in with a birthday card and three kisses on the cheeks.

Do I feel different? No. Do I sound like I feel different? Yes. 23, that sounds old. Yikes.

PS: I will try to break down my birthday make up look for you this Saturday so keep your eyes peeled.

About the blog.

An update will come soon on this, but I know that I want to take away the pressure of maintaining my blog. I enjoy doing it, but I don't feel like I have enough time to invest in reading other people's blog, promoting my own and genuinely enjoy blogging anymore. I will make a decision soon on where I want to go with my blog. Maybe less beauty and more lifestyle (and potentially music). Maybe less planned or scheduled and more spontaneous posts. That would be fun.

Hope you're all having a wonderful time, counting down to Christmas. I'm super excited about everything that's ahead of me.

Lots of love,


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