January Favourites


Hey everyone!

So I have decided on how we are going to do things around here considering the favourites posts. I remember when I first started blogging I would always include at least one lifestyle item in my favourites posts. Then after a while I started focusing on only beauty products, and mainly makeup even.

I'd love to change it up again, just mentioning a few of my favourite things of the month. This could be everything from beauty to food to gadgets to music or films or books or interior decoration or even an abstract idea or activity.

I do want to try and keep doing monthly favourites, even though I'm blogging less, but since I'm doing less makeup looks on the blog I figured it is worth mentioning what I have been enjoying using on my face and doing in my day and loving having around.

let's crack on, shall we?

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette

I picked this up on a whim, as I never planned on actually buying this. I thought I would only use some of the shades in here occasionally, but I found myself grabbing this almost every single day for the past few weeks! I'm obsessed with the shade Dirtysweet, as this looks like a standard bronzey gold, but it's slightly more cool toned than I'm used to. Combined with the chocolate bronze shade Radar, it is perfect for an everyday smokey look.

Smashbox Light It Up Contour Palette

This dinky little palette was part of a Christmas set of 3 palettes, also including an eyeshadow palette and a lip palette. Recently I've been using the contour palette a lot for the pale yellow shade, which I use to set my undereye concealer. Usually, while I'm still holding it, I decide to contour with it as well to save me the extra hassle. I will use the ashy toned contour shade to along my nose and my chin, while I mix the ashy shade and the warm shade together to contour my cheeks and along my forehead and temples. I love this palette a lot for its simplicity and compactness.

l'Oréal l'Or Highlighter

I never thought I would get on with this one, really. Still, I picked it up just to try it out. Swatching it with my finger I immediately could see it would be way too dark golden to highlight my cheekbones with. I decided to try and apply it with my Real Techniques Setting Brush and this worked wonders for me. It doesn't pick up too much product and it diffuses it very well, which makes it look a lot paler. The golden tone is gorgeous and it even works well for everyday.

NEXT Customisable Light Box

This is such a fun gadget to put anywhere and the best part is that you can always interchange the letters. I bought a small one, but obviously there are multiple sizes of the same thing everywhere.

My Piano

When changing up my room last month I put back my transportable piano so I have one to practise in my room. I love having a spare 5 minutes and play the first song that pops into my head. I didn't really play piano for the 9 months I lived in Manchester, so I have a lot of catching up to do.

Photo Wall

Last month I turned the empty wall I had left into a photo collage of people and moments I experienced during my stay in Manchester. The fun thing is that it's right above my piano as well. It makes me so happy to sit there and stare at all the pictures of me and my friends.

Lots of love,


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