New Year, New blog, New Me.


Hi everyone!

I've had a few days to relax after the holiday madness,
take my mind off the blog
and just take it all in.


I've been trying to keep up with my blog for the past few months, reducing my posting times and pre-scheduling a lot of posts. Like I said at the beginning of last month, I'm going to change up my blog. A lot.

Although I've been sticking to my schedule, I have taken it slow for the past couple of months. I pre-planned most of October and November back in September when I had a bit more time on my hands, just so I didn't have to do all the makeup looks while at school. Only favourites etc. were done a week or so before. Then December was very slow and I had a lot of time on my hands, but I took it really slow as well and didn't pressure myself too much. I have been writing posts for January when an idea popped up or I felt inspired by something.

I will gradually change my content and my schedule. I love doing beauty posts regularly but like I've been saying for the past 6 months or so - I feel like I don't have time for my music anymore and the blog sometimes feels like an obligation.

Yes, the beauty posts will still be there. For now. After that, it will just become a mix of things. I'll probably try to still do the monthly things like updates on my Project Pan and Favourites posts, although I will probably change the format of my favourites a little bit. Will keep you informed on that. I want to step away from doing makeup looks with palettes and then getting one or two comments on it.

 I'm going to try and use this platform as a portfolio for myself, so whenever I do a look that I really like and I want to remember it so I can recreate it later, I can photograph it and write it out. But I will stop forcing myself to do looks with a certain eyeshadow palette like I've been doing lately or creating looks for certain days (like Valentine's look, summer look, festival look, christmas look etc.). I had fun doing it but I'm moving forward with my blog and will probably leave that part aside.

The blog is going nowhere in terms of actually pursuing it as a job, so I might as well just keep it as my little fun corner on the internet. Filled with personal things, like a diary. Like a collection of memories.

The schedule might be more irregular than ever. I know I've messed up the schedule a few times in the past but I've always sticked to a certain schedule and it puts pressure on me. I want to not stick to a schedule anymore, and just blog whenever the hell I want to. If an idea pops in my head, I'll probalby still schedule it for the next Wednesday or Saturday, but don't be surprised if I skip a day sometimes. As long as the ideas are there, I'll stick to the 2 days per week, but as soon as I run out, people will just have to deal with the fact that there's no post up. And quite honestly I don't even think people would notice. So I will stop caring about it as well, I guess.

Hope you're all fine with that. Maybe my blog will start to fade out, as soon as I don't feel like it's an obligation anymore, but I will definitely keep updating you all on beauty hauls, reviews on new releases, a few favourites, empties... and next to that, a lot of new and refreshing things will come to this blog. I feel like going for a new lay-out maybe, so I will work on that a little bit, just to let people know my blog will be different now. It will not only be beauty updates. It will not be often and pre-scheduled all the time.

This year will be full of brain farts, I'm sure. And I will share them all with you on this little website I call Charline Has a Blog.


I will try to work on my new music as much as I can. I'm already recording a few covers and want to start building up my Soundcloud and YouTube channel. You will be kept up to date via this blog if you're interested, or you can go and follow/subscribe on those platforms if that's what you prefer.

I'm also still looking out for a job and I can't wait to start earning money. I really want to save up so I can go and live on my own within the next 2 years.


I'm not the person to make a lot of new years resolutions, as I usually don't really stick to them anyways. The only thing I will try to do this year is think more about what's good for ME and not about what other people think. I'm a people's pleaser, someone who cares a lot about others and what they think of me, how they see the friendship/relationship bewteen us and generally how they feel. I hate upsetting or hurting people, so I will usually continue to do something I don't really enjoy. (not going into detail to much but there's one person in particular that I would rather not hang out with anymore because it is tiring and I kind of lost connection, they still think we're best mates and I hate upsetting them so I kind of force myself to talk to them. Just one example of what I mean).

I think that's a good resolution for the new year that I am happy to stick to. You can't please everyone, and I need to learn and accept that.

Oh, that, and also that I want to work on my languages. I want to re-fresh my memory on my French and I want to pick up Spanish as well. Already downloaded an app to do that. Excited much.

I'll take a little break now. Some (beauty) posts have been planned for the next few weeks so you won't even notice that I'm gone ;-)

Speak to you soon, and I wish you all the best for 2017.

Lots of love,


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