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Hey everyone!

Today is a bit of a different one. I thought it was time to share the fact that I decluttered my entire old bed room back in December when I came home from a 9-month stay in Manchester.

I brought back a lot of new stuff and felt like there were a lot of things in my room that I could get rid of, as I hadn't needed them for the past 9 months. A lot of school stuff is stored somewhere else now, a lot of makeup and clothes I've donated and a lot of crap has been binned.

In today's post I want to share how I went through everything, how I was able to be so ruthless with some stuff and how you can get organised if you want to have a declutter of anything yourself.

School things

My room held a lot of projects on paper, school books, wood and natural stone samples, brochures, cardboard and other miniature model material, old blueprints from projects etc. This took up a major part in my storage. I didn't have the space to put anything else in my ikea units, so I decided to pack it up and store it somewhere I can't really reach for that easily, but I'll still be able to get the thing I need when I need them. This cleared up a lot of space. One of the projects was a piece of furniture; a music table I designed and created that I kept in my room just to place everything music related in it. When I got that out of my room, I had enough space to fit in my piano again. That made me so happy! All the other things like music scores, my flute, microphones etc. I placed in the units that were now free in my storage.

Clothing & accessory things

I went through my clothing with the mindset "If I haven't worn it in the past year or I didn't even bother taking it with me to Manchester at some point, then why on earth is it still hanging in my wardrobe?" Everything that belonged in this category was donated to charity. A lot of old bags, shoes, dresses, shirts, jackets and coats are now gone and made room for new clothes. The thought of having only what I really love makes me so happy whenever I go to pick out my outfit. With my jewelery I was even more ruthless - earrings, rings, hair clips and bracelets that I didn't really wear in the last year, I tossed. I tried selling them in the past but it didn't really work, and I figured no one would want them now either, so I just got rid of it all. Especially my bigger and longer earrings I never really wear anymore, so I only kept a few ones that were a bit more expensive or some that I really love to wear, still. Everything else is gone and it feels good.

Makeup things

I decluttered my makeup collection a few times in the past 6 months or so. I kept buying makeup while I was living in Manchester, as there's so much available at the drugstore. A lot of impulse purchases that didn't turn out to work that well for me, or products that weren't really necessary in my collection, I donated to friends (or tossed if they were gross). Only a few bright eyeshadows I kept for "blogging purposes", but everything else is what I would really genuinly use. I go through my makeup collection quite often to see if there's anything that I don't need, just to make sure I only keep what I love, what works for me or what makes me happy when I wear it. I'm recently trying to not buy any makeup at all, and just start using up whatever I have in my drawers.

Other things

I felt like there was a lot of clutter on my room. Things I used to keep for whatever reason, but I never really grab for anymore. Old (empty) notebooks, brochures of whatever, letters I thought I might need at some point, old stationery, boxes, magnets, all that jazz. Even my magnetic memo board went out of the door, to make room for my (finally finalised) framed London puzzle. I had 4 bags of absolute crap and 5 bags of paper (books and booklets, loose papers, cardboard boxes etc.) to throw away. Might not have been the most environment-friendly person that day, but at least I sorted everything out and I don't own stuff I don't (occasionally) need anymore.

Now, we all have those things in our bedroom/living room/desk room/... that we keep because "maybe it will come in handy someday" but then you never actually use it anymore. I used to keep a lot of cardboard just for the sake of "I might use it for a test scale model one day", until I realised I was accumulating it faster than I could make models, so I got rid of a lot of it. Because my bedroom is also kind of my living room and my desk room, you can imagine how fast it can get cluttered.

A few tips for you to get decluttering your room/home, no matter if it's your clothes, shoes, homeware, makeup, kitchen utensils or books.

1. Do I use/wear it regularly?

(e.g. clothes) As mentioned before, if you haven't worn it for an entire season, chances are you're not going to wear it next season. You can just take it out of your collection and you will probably forget about it in no time.

2. Does it make me happy when I use/wear it?

Do you keep it just for the sake of it, out of convenience and if you happen to use/wear it, it doesn't bring you joy? Is there a similar item to this that has the same purpose and makes you feel better? Then get rid of it. Especially if there's a replacement. You don't need anything in your life that doesn't add value to your life. (This only counts for stuff that isn't necessary for you to keep. Does not apply on boring paperwork!)

3. Did it cost a lot?

Obviously this always plays a part in the decision. Like I said, with my earrings I did keep the ones that costed a bit more, as I couldn't toss them just like that. It makes it easier to throw away the cheaper ones though. Maybe you have two very similar items (e.g. makeup) and one was more on the high end side and one was cheaper? If they perform the same/get the same result, keep the more expensive one. Seems like a logical decision to me. (Unless the expensive item SUCKS. Then maybe see if anyone else can get it to work for them).

4. Is there someone that might use/love it more than I do?

Continuing on that: if you're undecided wether or not to keep it, but you feel like you can get rid of it, maybe it makes it easier when you know someone else can enjoy it. I do this with most of the makeup I can pass on (usually not mascaras or lipglosses, because GERMS). That way I know it adds value to someone else's routine, and I can happily part with the item. You can do the same with clothing or homeware. 

5. Will I really use it in the future?

Or is it just something you're saying to yourself? Be realistic, critical and ruthless with this. At some point I used to keep the bubble wrap from fragile things, just in case I ever needed to pack something fragile. In the end I got rid of everything, and when I actually needed it, went to Wilko and bought a £1 bubble wrap roll. Not much effort, and a less cluttered environment. You can say this for everything in your entire house. If you just keep it because it looks pretty, but then it's just sitting in a drawer never to see the light of day again, it's better just to get rid of it. Why would you keep it anyways if you're not going to use it?

I hope this post was any help. If you have any more tips or questions, pop them in the comment section below and I'm happy to answer them!

Lots of love,


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