Last Makeup Haul


Hey peeps!

This will be my final haul for a whole while, because I'm going on a spending ban.

Until then, here are the last bits I picked up since I'm back in Belgium.

Side note: Physicians Formula has always been available in my country, but I just never really knew what to buy. Recently I have seen a lot of new releases and old favourites in beauty vloggers' videos and coming back here, I discovered they were finally available (or in stock again). I must say they are not drugstore-priced here, probably because of the shipping costs. The 3 products I bought are all between €15 and €20 (almost 3x the price of what they are in America!) That being said, I am happy I am able to test out the products that I picked up.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Trio - Warm Nude Eyes

I'm not sure why I bought these, but these trio's came in many different combinations. I thought these bronzey shades were the right ones for me. I haven't used them all that much since I picked them up, but I love the colours a lot and I think they will come in handy a lot of time.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Natural Nude eyeshadow palette

Technically, this is an eyeshadow palette, but I have seen many YouTubers use it as a highlighter - which is what I intend to do with it as well. Focussing on the lighter shades in this palette is supposed to give you the most wonderful glow!

Physicians Formula ArganWear Argan Oil Bronzer

I have heard mixed reviews about this bronzer. I originally intended to buy the well loved Butter Bronzer, but only the fair shade was in stock and it looked so light it wouldn't work for my skin. This Argan Oil one is interesting, as it has the gold spray-over. I'm excited to see how it performs.

Mac Matte Lipstick - Stone

I went a bit crazy on the Mac lipstick counter recently. I have been eyeing on this lipstick for a really long time now, and I can finally say it's mine! It's definitely not one I would wear every day, but it's nice to know it's there and I can pop it out whenever I want.

Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick - Chocotease

Mac released some new shades in this range, focussing more on the sepia brown shades this time. There are a lot of nudes in this collection, and a lot less bright colours. I only have one of these liquid lipsticks - a bright peach one - and I am not a huge fan of the formula, but I wanted to give it another chance. I've never owned a dark brown lippie like this, so I thought this would be the perfect one to try out.

Mac Satin Lipstick - Cyber

I really wanted to get a dark purple lipstick, and I was originally looking for a matte finish, but they didn't really have one that was the shade I was looking for. The girl in the store promised me it wouldn't be too glossy and would stay on well with a lip liner. I am obsessed with the shade, however not so much with the staying power. I would have loved it more if it was matte. But hey. It does work alright with the lip liner.

Mac Lip Pencil - Cyber World

Logically, I chose out the matching lip liner to the lipstick I picked up in the shade Cyber. I love how these are a true purple, with no hint of red in there. Excited to wear this while I still can.

Burberry Light Glow Blush - Earthy No. 07

I've always wanted to try the Burberry cheek products and seeing this, I was sold immediately. It's a great contour shade, but is best used with a light hand as this baby is pigmented!

Burberry Light Glow Blush - Tangerine No. 06

I definitely wanted to try an actual blush as well, so I picked up this matte muted peach shade. Again, it's very pigmented and is definitely best applied with a fluffy blush brush. I love the shade though and I can't wait to wear it more often!

Burberry Kisses lipstick Nude Pink No. 05

I received this as a sample with my purchase. It looked like a gorgeous matte nude shade at first. I'm a little bit disappointed by the sheerness of this, so I will try to make it work as a lipstick topper rather than wear it on its own.

ColourPop Highlighter Trio

Jasmine recommended me to try the ColourPop highlighters, as I was fairly enjoying my l'Oréal l'Or one but thought it was slightly too dark, so I picked these ones up. Although packaged separately, I bought them as a set of 3. All three are quite pale, but have slightly different undertones: Smokin' Whistles is more of a rose gold, Stole The Show is a pale metallic champagne and Lunch Money is a slightly darker champagne and has a much more sublte glow. I love all three of them, although Lunch Money is my favourite for everyday, and I can't wait to start using them more!

ColourPop Creme Gel Liner - Bee Sting

I have no idea what this bright blue colour and a bee sting have to do with each other, but oh well. I love this bright blue matte shade and thought it would be great to experiment with.

ColourPop Lippie Stix - Lumière

Oh Em Gee. I am OBSESSED with this shade! I was excited to try the KathleenLights collaboration, but never thought it would suit me this well. On me, it looks like a toned down bright purple, it's slightly more intense than I'm used to with my spectrum of nude lipsticks, but I've been wearing it so much already. It dries out my lips though so I'm still not the biggest fan of the formula, but I do love the particular shade a lot.

Kat Von D Lock It concealer - Medium 17 Warm

I have wanted to try this out for so long and I finally got my hands on it. I've used it a few times already and the shade is really good for me. My skin is going through a rough time the past few weeks so I really needed a new high-coverage concealer.

Kat Von D Bow n Arrow Look - Everlasting Liquid Lipstick and Trooper Ink Liner minis

I saw this little kit when I was paying for my concealer and thought, why the hell not. It's a great opportunity to try out a few of her bestsellers without splurging too much. The shade looks gorgeous and I can't wait to try it out.

Nars Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

This is the best eyeshadow primer I have ever tried. Nothing compares to this one, so I had to stock up on it. Mine is nearly running out anyways.

Nars Pore & Shine Control Primer

I was intrigued when I saw these, as I had never seen them before. I thought this might be Nars' version of the Benefit POREfessional primer, which I love. It felt quite nice on my hand when I tried it out so I'm excited to see how it perform.

That's it! I know it's quite a lot and I do want to stop spending so much money on makeup, and just start using up the makeup I have. 
Let me know in the comments what you have picked up lately!

Lots of love,


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