Project Pan That Product: update #16


Hi everyone!

I love doing these updates so much, and especially this month as I have a lot of new products to give an update on.


I used up the Maybelline The Falsies mascara (not in picture), the Benefit Hoola bronzer and the The Balm Schwing eyeliner. I also took out the Benefit Sugarbomb blush because of the lack of pigment left and I parted with the Clinique Chubby Stick Intense because I could never use up a lippie.
I added in a lot of new products, including the Too Faced Bron This Way concealer, the Soap&Glory Solar Powder, the Mac Melba blush, the Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara and the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Brown.

Today, the products look like this:

Too Faced Born This Way concealer

I have been using this one on and off since summer and technically I should have thrown it away a long time ago, but there's still so much product in there. I only use it to cover up spots anymore, as I think there might be too many bacteria in there to use underneath my eyes. It is still going strong and quite honestly I have no idea how much product there is left. For some reason the concealer sticks to the tube all the way around so I can't really tell. I will definitely use it for another month, maybe two.

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

This one will probably last me for a long time, still, but I think I've progressed a lot on this one. You can't tell from the photo but if I look at the edges, I've definitely used up a lot of this product already.

Mac Melba blush

I just remembered how hard it is to finish up a blush that you just started. Like the bronzer, I'm using this blush every time I wear makeup, and I enjoy using it so so so much. You can hardly tell I even touched this one, so I'm already thinking this blush might as well stay in this project for a whole year.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner in Brown

I can already feel this one getting a bit dryer while using it. It is not going to last me for a long time, although I don't wear eyeliner everytime I go out the door. I'm sure I can hold on to this for another few months.

Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 brow pencil

This one is completely gone! I have used it everyday and I still really enjoy the shade of this one. It is also super easy to use, so I think I might repurchase this one after I finish up my two other back-up brow pencils I still have laying around.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Luscious mascara

It was the first month of me trying this mascara. Some days I am in love with it, other days I loathe it. Therefor I don't really grab for it every time. I think it still needs to dry down a bit before it works the way I want it to, but for now it's an okay mascara that I will try to use more often than I currently do.

Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte

I finally hit pan on this powder! There is still lots of product in here though, so we're still going strong. I can't wait for it to be finished, really.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in My Two Cents

Another pan is hit! I can now see it actually being finished in the near future. I love using this one a lot and I am so happy I added it into the project back in the day. It made me appreciate this product a lot more and invent a new way of doing my eye makeup.

1 down, 1 added to the project:

Benefit Watt's Up! Highlighter

There, I'm doing it. Adding a highlighter to the project. "But when will you ever finish up a highlighter?" ... My thoughts exactly. I want to start using this one more often, as I feel like I can't keep it for that long anymore. A cream tends to dry out a bit more and in my opinion, powders last forever. It's also a good everyday highlight shade, nothing too in your face, and makes a great base for intensifying other powder highlighters. So, that's why I'm adding this cream highlighter stick into the project. Let's see how far we can go with it!

As always, let me know if you are doing a Project Pan and how you are getting on with it!

Lots of love,


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