Belgian Musicians You Should Check Out


Hey everyone!

Let's talk music.
We have a lot of talented musicians here in Belgium. Some of them you might already know; does Netsky, Stromae or Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike sound familiar to you?

Today I want to share a few a lot of Belgian musicians with you that you might not have heard about.
Please go and check them out & let me know what you think!


I'm starting with a band that sings in Dutch. They are a big hype at the moment, probably because it's very rare these days to sing in our native tongue. It's the first pop-band on a very long time to do this, and probably the only one of our generation to become nationally famous.


The singer of Warhola is also in Bazart, this is his solo-project. He once competed in Eurovision For Kids! With his high-pitched angel voice and electronic beats, he brings something fresh to the Belgian music scene. He made this sick cover of Hold On, We're Going Home by Drake.


This guy only recently became more famous, bringing with him the most discolicious beats in a very modern way. He kind of reminds me of The Weeknd, in some way.


Quite an internationally-famous band, this one. You might know them from songs like Anger Never Dies and Mad About You. They did a great ochestra show a few years back, and this is probably my favourite song from that entire performance.


Oh man, this half-American, half Ghent woman has such great talent. Man, she's a rock star. Her guitar skills are beyond anything. I'm sure some of you know her already.


She's in DJ Fresh's latest Bang Bang, but has a lot more great songs up her sleeve. Her voice is very unique and has a very distinct style of songs. Just listen to one of them and I'm sure you'll fall in love with her.

Of course there are many, many more great musicians here in Belgium... Let me know if you're interested in a part 2!

Lots of love,


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