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Hey peeps!

Some of you may know that I'm absolutely obsessed with stationery. I love getting new things for my desk, and I would like to share a few of my favourite essentials with you today.

HAY wooden tape dispenser

This tape dispenser is designed for having your favourite washi tapes in there, which I do. I also added two rolls of clear tape in it as well. It's super handy to have them all together in one place, without them having to lay around on my desk separately.

Paperchase note block

I love these giant note blocks from Paperchase. I have a few of them spreaded around my room, because I am a list-person and a physical note-person. I need to write down everything to make sure I remember it. These come in all sorts of designs in almost every collection they bring out and I rarely ever run out of them.

Sissy Boy "Je Ne Sais Pas" paperweight

See, I never thought I would need something like this until I got it gifted by a friend. My desk is right by my window, and because I have so many notes lying around on my desk everywhere, they sometimes tend to fly away when wind comes in through my window. Having one of these around is good to put on top of stacks of paper. What an awesome invention. It looks good, too!

Paperchase diary

Just like with notes, I love having an actual, physical diary. I don't do electronic diaries on my phone or whatever, I love writing it down, pen to paper. I bouht this cute diary a whole while ago, but Paperchase always does the cutest designs. This size was perfect to pop it in my bag as well.

What are some of your desk essentials? Leave your favourites in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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