April Favourites


It's my favourite time of the month! A lot of beauty bits are involved this time.

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette

I had forgotten how great these very affordable, drugstore highlighters could be. I have been downsizing a lot and nearly only kept the high end products in my makeup collection. However, these highlighters made the cut. I can combine them however warm toned or icy I want them that day, which is super nice. They are not chunky or glittery, but give this really smooth glow on the cheekbones. I've fallen back in love with this trio.

Zoeva Luxe Highlighter Brush

My absolute favourite to apply said highlighters with, is this particular brush. It sits so well on top of the cheekbones and picks up just the right amount of product. Besides that, it's also super soft and very affordable too! I love me a good Zoeva brush and you know it.

Kiko Extra Sculpt Mascara

Is this mascara a dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara? Hell no. But it's very good on its own. At first sight the applicator does remind me of the Too Faced one, but it is much flatter and angular. I really love the formula of this one though, it stays put rather well throughout the day, but it's not super hard to remove at the end of the day either.

CoLab Dry Shampoo (new packaging)

When I first saw these at the drugstore in Belgium, there were two thoughts crossing my mind:
1) since when do they sell CoLab in Belgium???
2) since when does CoLab have this wonderful packaging?
I really loved the old packaging though and I kind of miss it, but this really catches the eye. I really love this particular scent as well, and we all know I love CoLab in general.

Jessica Russell Flint sleeping mask

This was a gift from my mum, who found it in Harrods when she was visiting my brother in London. She knows me so well, I absolutely adore this print! It 's super comfy and soft as well, me likey!

Let me know your favourites for the month of April in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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