Rosy Tones


Hey everybody,

there's a new trend on the beauty market and I see all the beauty specialists and superstars wear it:
rosy eyeshadows!

For the subtle one there are lots of options on the market. There are so many rosy toned champagne shades in all shapes and sizes, you only need to find the right one for you. One of the most natural rosy eyeshadows in my collection is the Chanel Illusion d'Ombre in 82 Emerveillé. It layers beautifully with any other shimmery shade. A powder eyeshadow I adore so much is Mac Expensive Pink. It's a lot more shimmery than the Chanel cream shadow, but it looks so beautiful and I prefer to wear is especially in Spring.

swatches: Mac Expensive Pink, Chanel Emerveillé

For the sultry one there are many choices as well. The goal is to find the right rosy toned eyeshadow to combine with a darker, more purpley one in the crease or with a purple eye pencil. The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is perfect for this, and it has all sorts of pink eyeshadows you can imagine. Another eyeshadow that pairs beautifully with purple tones and is a bit more prominent on the lids is Makeup Geek Mango Tango. This one especially makes me think of Summer already.

swatches: UD Naked 3 in Dust, Burnout and Buzz, MUG in Mango Tango

For the go-all-out one there are a lot of bright eyeshadow palettes you can use, but I have two deep pinks in my collection that I absolutely love. H&M do a few of the best single eyeshadows on a budget and the one in Kobai Azalea is a super intense bright fuschia. I love to combine it with other bright shadows to create a rainbow effect, but I might experiment with it a bit more so I can wear it on its own. One that's a bit more wintery, but can be combined with softer rosy shades to create a gorgeous Spring look is the Warm Notes eyeshadow in the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. It's more on the Cranberry side but I think it suits this theme very well.

swatches: H&M Kobai Azalea, Zoeva Warm Notes

Now I'm very interested to see if I can actually start wearing my blushes as eyeshadow... I've never thought about it, until now!

Lots of love,


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