3 things I don't regret


Hey everyone!

So sometimes I see these posts called "things I regret doing as a child/blogger/whatever" and I thought, why the hell would I blog about that, all it does is bring myself and maybe other people down when they read this.

Then I thought, there's a few things that I've done recently that I have not regretted for a split second. And a blog post is born. Hope you enjoy.

Getting a tattoo

As much as everyone without a tattoo would love to hear me say "I kind of already regret getting it", I really don't! It has become part of me and while I feel the moments and memories are fading away slightly, I still have this reminder and also kind of a mark that says where I've been and describes the journey I've been on. As long as no one gives me crap about it, I'm perfectly happy with this permanent scar on my ankle.

Not getting my masters degree

Hear me out: I'm not advising anyone to quit school - STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS! - but not pursuing my masters degree is the best thing that ever happened to me. When I went to present my final project and heard I failed, I could have easily said "well then, I guess I can't go to Manchester now, to stay at home and re-do my project". Luckily, I was fortunate enough to be financially able to move to Manchester without a scholarship, go do my internship anyways, then being able to stay there for a little while longer, and all that while meeting so many wonderful people at the language school and making friends for life. What should have been a 3-month free internship and a 5 week stay at school, grew to be another 2 months as an interior designer and 10 weeks of preparing for the Cambridge Proficiency Exam in English - and also nailing that exam with a whopping C2 and 223/230 score - adding up to a 9,5 months stay abroad. Can you imagine how little would have changed if I never left the country? I would have been nowhere when I got my degree, but now I've gained work and life experience that no one can take away from me, and I got a job almost straight away when I moved back home. I don't think I would have felt 10% of the confidence I had when I returned. So school is not always the best learning curve, if you can gain more experience somewhere else.

New Year's resolution to care about ME

This may sound really selfish, but there was a time where all I could think of whenever I did or said something, was what other people would think and how it would make them feel. I was keeping friends that weren't really my friends and hope for people to become my friends that don't give a flying sh*t about me. Deciding to think more about how I feel and what's good for me, relieved me from all that. It sounds harsh, but cutting out people that I don't really want in my life anymore does not mean I become a rude b*tch all of a sudden. I am naturally a friendly, sociable person and I've met new people at my new job that are lovely, sometimes I think "what if I make a mistake, or ask a stupid question, what will they think of me?" but then I realise, everyone went through that stage of being the newbie and having to ask a million questions, but I will get there. I need to believe in myself and everything will be fine. So I'm making a point of caring about myself and I don't regret it for a second.

Lots of love,


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