5 Favourite Things In My Room


Hey everyone!

I was thinking of doing a room tour, but then 1) I'd have to actually clean up my entire room and 2) I figured it wouldn't work well in this format (a video would be better but I don't do YouTube).

Instead, I want to give you 5 of the absolute favourite things I have in my room, and why they make me happy.

Floral World Map

I was so happy when I finally put this up 2 months ago. I've had it in my room for at least a few years and never got round to actually hanging it on the wall. It brings me joy, because I love patterns and floral things, and I love world maps. Since I threw out most of the floral things in my room to make it more mature, I thought this was the one thing I could keep in that department. It fills up the blank wall behind it pretty well.

Vinyl Player

I don't use it often, yet it's one of my favourite things ever. Just knowing that it's there and that I have the possibility to listen to old vinyls of my dad is awesome. I love the design of it as well, it looks very sturdy and very retro. The cool thing is that this is also a radio and cd player.

Bedside Lamp

I used to use this as a desk light but it sucked that I couldn't extend or bend it the way I wanted to. It never occured to me until recently that it would work so much better on my bedside table. I love the copper design and especially the fabric cord, it adds a playful touch to it.

Copper Photo Frames

I've seen these around the past couple of years and although I don't really hang them up the wall, it was such a nice addition to my room. I've been rearranging a lot and I had all these photos and no frames to put them in. They form a nice collection now, in my opinion.

Photo Wall

Continuing on the photo theme, I've shared these in my January Favourites before, but it's one of the best things I've ever done in my room. I like that it's right above my piano so whenever I'm playing, I am reminded of my time in Manchester. I am quite a sentimental person that way, so I just love reminiscing the moments I lived there.

Let me know down below at least one of your favourite things you have in your room, and that you are emotionally attached to.

Lots of love,


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