Charline's A - Z


A little bit about me,
in a full ABC.

A is for Arachnofobe

I am very much afraid of spiders of all sizes. Of any type of insect, really. Just so you know, when you're with me in public and I see something with more than 4 legs, I will run around and make a scene.

B is for Binge-watching

I love me a do-nothing-day where I just sit in my PJ's and watch a series all day long. I also always have to catch up on series that have been out forever, so I kind of HAVE to binge watch them all the time.

C is for Clumsy

Quite self-explanatory. I drop everything and I will trip over every single tile that sticks out. Jep.

D is for Decisive

I'm the decision-maker in my friend group, if everyone says "you can choose, it's all the same for me", I'm the one that says "well let's go to this place then, see you at 7." I hate people that are so indecisive they can't even choose what they're going to eat!

E is for English Proficient Speaker

Because I'm a C2, b*tches! I was so proud when I found out I got my Cambridge Certificate in English!

F is for Festivals

I'm always so excited when summer is upon us, because that's when all the music festivals take place! Don't get me wrong; I hate camping out, so I usually just drive home and sleep in my own comfy bed. But I love the festival atmosphere on the actual festival site, and I'm a sucker for live music.

G is for Grammar Police

I know I make typos all the time because I'm too lazy to re-read, but when someone makes a stupid grammar mistake, I really have to make an effort not to make a stupid comment on it. Even if I discover a typo in my own post a few hours later, I can just kick myself for not proof-reading that.

H is for Humour

I love me a good laugh once in a while. I love making silly comments that make people smile, I love being around funny people, I love going to stand-up comedy nights, I love comedy films, I just need a bit of humour in my life in order to get through the day.

I is for Interior Designer

I'm currently working as an interior designer, which is something I've wanted to be ever since I was little. I loved that Debbie Travis tv show where she would re-do an entire house, and dreamed I would become just like her one day.

J is for Judgemental

I admit, I can be quite judgemental. Living in Manchester has opened my eyes and made me a bit less like that. Luckily, my judgement usually goes away if I get to know you a bit better.

K is for Kitchen disaster

I can't cook. Full stop. I have no interest in it, although I'm kind of worried how I will ever survive if I move out and live alone. (I guess I survived pretty well those five months I lived alone in Manchester!)

L is for Lefty

I'm a lefthanded creative, which is not super rare in our business. They say creative people are more likely to be lefthanded anyways! Stubborn as I was as a kid, I never wanted lefthanded anything, so I cut scissors like righthanded people and I also play a righthand guitar.

M is for Manchester, Music & Makeup

I couldn't choose one out of the three, because they are all so important to me. Manchester has been a wonderful life experience, Music is my literal LIFE and Makeup is an obsession I cannot get around.

N is for Nosey

You have a juicy story to tell? Come to mama! I am the one person you can really gossip with, as I am always interested in peoples life.

O is for Organised person blogger

Yes, organised blogger, because everything else in my life is a mess! I'm not a neat person at all, but when it comes to blogging, I'd say I have a good system running.

P is for Piano

One of the first instruments I fell in love with is the piano. I play it myself, although I don't really practice a lot anymore. My dream is to own a giant white piano in the future.

Q is for Quirky

I like to believe that I do everything just that bit different than other people. As a kid, I always felt different (not in a good way) but I've accepted my differences and call it "quirky" now.

R is for Realist

As much as I can dream about things, I'm very much a real-person when it comes to anything in life. You can dream, as long as there is a way to actually achieve your goals. Without a way to reach your dream, you're only fooling yourself.

S is for Sweet Tooth

Don't serve me a dessert with fruit, please, I very much need my chocolate and vanilla and caramel to finish my meal. I always have some sweets around on my desk, and I'm a sucker for biscuits or anything chocolate (dark chocolate, that is).

T is for Truthful

You will rarely catch me in a lie. Sure, everyone uses those little white lies sometimes, but that's literally it. I hate when people lie all the time, or make up things that don't even exist. On the other hand though, if I don't want someone to know something, I'll just not tell it. But that will never happen with the very important things. Literally, the only thing I can think of, is me not telling people IRL that I blog. Because I don't think it's important for people around me to know. It's my silly little thing I do in my free time. Other than that, I make it a point to not lie to people. How exhausting would it be to keep up with that?

U is for Unadventurous

I am probably the least adventurous person on earth. I love nature, but from a distance. I love looking at experimental food, but please no do not feed me. I stick to what I know, what I'm comfortable with and that's all I can do. Don't put me in a tent in the wild, or don't take me out for spicy food, or sure as hell don't serve me a cocktail that I don't know. I will just order me a glass of white wine, thank you very much

V is for Visual memory

Or photographic memory, whatever you want to call it. If you have a difficult name to remember, write it down for me and I will remember it. I can't make sense of letters and words if I can't see them written down.

W is for Weak

I'm weak... and what wrooong with that? 
I have zero strength in my arms, or legs, or any body part.

X is for X-Mas enthusiast

Although I very much prefer summer over winter, I always get so jolly when Christmas is near. I love the decorations, and the music in the shops, and decorating the tree...

Y is for YouTube

I love me some YouTube, I watch so many beauty and lifestyle vloggers... I have not been brave enough to do it myself, though!

Z is for Zzzzz...

I need at least 10 hours of sleep to be fully awake. I am definitely not a morning person, but then I'm also not the biggest night owl either. I can't get through the week if I only slept 5 or 6 hours for 2 nights in a row... It's terrible. But I love sleeping!

Lots of love,


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