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Hey everyone!

Today I want to give you an insight on my absolute favourite makeup brands. Can you tell by the amount of stuff I have from them? :-) Worth mentioning: all my bigger eyeshadow palettes fall under the six brands mentioned. I really rate a brand by the quality of their eyeshadows, apparently!

Note: this is not a collection post, I won't go into detail about every product. Let me know if you're interested in a complete brand focus on one of these.

Urban Decay

Probably my number one makeup brand of all time. I am a complete Urban Decay junkie, and especially their eyeshadow palettes. (Confession: I own every single Naked eyehsadow palette. Even the small Naked Basics palettes, but they are sitting in my mum's cabinet right now).
I al obsessed with their formula and I can truly say that they are my favourite. If I could choose only one brand for the rest of my life: it would be this one. The concealer is also one of my absolute faves, and in summer I really enjoyed the Naked Skin One & Done. Recently I purchased a few brushes which I'm completely in love with as well, and the one lipstick I own is gorgeous - I can't wait to try out more!


I have a real love-hate relationship with Benefit. I really love their box-o-powders: Sugarbomb was one of my first blushes ever, and I have been loving my Hoola for ages! I have tried a few products that I'm not too sure on (like the Fake Up concealer) and usually I find the products are quite pricey for what they are. I really want to purchase some of their brow products though, I've been able to test out a few of them as a sample and I was really impressed.

The Balm

I find this brand so fun. The packaging is gorgeous and 90% of the time very travel-friendly. The iconic Mary-Lou Manizer and her sisters are in my collection - of course! They do break really easily, so I only have Betty-Lou in full size anymore. The eyeshadows are really nice, too, and the only reason I don't own the Nude'Tude palette is because I already have a lot of those neutral shades in my collection. I love their cheek products especially.

Too Faced

You wouldn't think I am that obsessed with Too Faced, judging by the amount of products and compared to the other brands in this post, but I truly love all the Too Faced items in my collection. The concealer si missing in this pic, which I also really like. I really want to try more of their products, but I am so overwhelmed with everything they have! I think I want to try one of the blushes next, as people really rate them.


Who doesn't love a bit of Mac? (Vegans, but oh well). Good old classic Mac, they really have so many things that I love. Of course, most of their eyeshadows are pretty amazing, and the Soft&Gentle highlighter is a must in every makeup-junkie's makeup collection. I really love the lipsticks as well - can you tell? Me and my mum are a massive fan of their eye pencils as well. Highly recommend! Everyone goes crazy with their limited edition ranges, especially if they are collabs with famous people. I usually don't, but I did get my hands on the Ellie Goulding bronze&blush duo.


Ah, Zoeva, the underdog that quickly became the number one on the high street. They are so affordable, yet such great quality. I can recommend every single brush that Zoeva does, and the eyeshadows are one of the best out there. If you haven't tried any of their products, please do! They are really worth it, I promise.

What are your absolute favourite brands? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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