Two Brow Products I Swear By


Hey peeps!

Today I want to share my love for a few eyebrow products. #Notspon!

I keep my routine fairly simple with just two products, as my natural brows are quite full on their own. I just need to fill in the sparse areas and make sure they stay in place all day.

I like to keep the look of them very natural, but just "done" enough so that people compliment me on my eyebrows.

Now before I find out I'm actually allergic to my eyebrow pencil (which is a fairly big chance, I will admit, I just need to leave it out of my makeup routine for about two weeks to see if it's the product I'm reacting to), I'd love to share my love for the one I'm using at the moment.

There are multiple eyebrow pencils I really enjoy using: think of the Benefit collection that released last year, or the Soap & Glory brow collection. Both of them are really good and I would highly recommend.

Still, for me there is only ONE original brow pencil that I will always go back to, and it's the Anastasia Brow Wiz. I'm currently using the one it Taupe, as it matches my brows really well, but if I want to keep it a bit lighter and more natural, I might go and pick up a lighter shade.

It's super easy to use, really pigmented and still easy to remove if you've gone a bit overboard with the filling in. I love the formula and the shade of this particular one a lot.

To set down my brows for the entire day, there is only one product in the universe that I can completely rely on. The Anastasia Clear Brow Gel is like glue for your brows, without them going too stiff and crunchy looking. It doesn't move around the product of the pencil/powder/gel you're using underneath, which is awesome. Most clear brow gels tend to do that.

Please pray for me that this combo is not the source of my allergies kicking up. I'd hate to give up on my brow routine, especially these two products. They are true life savers!

Let me know what your favourite brow products are in the comments below. You know, just in case I have to change them up very soon.

Lots of love,


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