Bumble&Bumble Favorite Things Gift Set: review


Hey everyone!

I received the Bumble&Bumble Favorite Things Gift Set a while back from a friend, as a late birthday gift. I am here to give you a review on the four mini-products that are in there.

Repair Blow Dry

I try to use this before blow drying my hair, as it's supposed to protect my ends better and give them a repaired look. This product is wonderful, as it keeps my ends looking great for a longer amount of time. I still have blonde ends so they dry out a bit after a while, but this keeps it from breaking and all that jazz. Really like this one!

Thickening Dryspun Finish Spray

This is an interesting one. For me, it does kind of the same thing as a sea salt spray, but only quicker. It doesn't make my hair look wet, which is also a good thing when you're in a hurry. It's nice to give the hair some texture before styling as well. One thing though, this ran out so quickly, only a handful of times I'd used it, and it was already empty. I wouldn't ever buy the full size myself, knowing that I would probably have to repurchase it after two weeks already. It's a great texturising spray, but I don't find it's worth it for that price.


The icon. Need I say more? I am obsessed with this type of dry shampoo, and only this little bottle will last you a good few months if you use it regularly. I mean, seriously, how can it look like I'm applying half a bottle every time, but still only progress so slow? It makes my hair look as if I just washed it, gives it so much volume and it's just feels so light as well. I had used this one before, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer

This product is meant to protect your hair from the heat before you do any styling. Now I don't straighten or curl my hair that often anymore, but it's always nice to have a heat-protectant on hand. It made me start using a heat-protectant alltogether, as I never used to do that (I know, I'm so bad!) Now because this is an oily product, I have to be really careful when I use this. If I spray on too much, my hair feels really greasy. I do like to use it on the very ends, but I easily go overboard with it, which is not ideal for my hair type.

Overall, I do really rate this gift set. I love certain B&B products and it's really nice to be able to try out products I wouldn't have picked up myself otherwise.

Lots of love,


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