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Sometimes I try out new products (well, a lot of times) and most of the time they work well on me, as I know what kind of products work for my skin type or tone and which shades suit me best.

Sometimes, though, I get to try products that I unfortunately don't get on with. These are a few of them - and just to be clear, I'm not declaring that these are bad products. I will explain you why I personally don't like to use them or why they don't work the way I was expecting them to.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil

I'm usually not a fan of cleansing oils. I tend to stay far away from oil-based products in general, as I have quite an oily skin already. I do really like the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and it's the first oil that I have ever loved. I thought because of this, I might like the new cleansing oil version of this as well, maybe. I asked for a sample, and luckily I didn't buy the full-size, because I just do not get on with it. I still don't get how people find it so easy to rub everything together on their face - to me it seems really unhygienic and I don't feel good about smearing everything around before washing it off. I had hoped I would get on with cleansing oils better after trying this one, but it couldn't convince me. Too bad. If you are a fan of cleansing oils, I'm sure you will love this one though, but I guess it's just not my type of product.

Ren V-cense Revitalising Night Cream

Actually, I really do like the formula of this cream. I just can't bring myself to use up this entire sample-size, just for the smell. It smells very strong - and I mean in a really bad way! To me it smells very chemical and sharp, it's just not pleasing to use this so close to my nose :-) I'm sorry Ren, it's not me, it's you. Your other products smell delicious, this one is just a no-no for me.

ColourPop Crème Gel Liner - Bee Sting

I adore this colour and it's super pigmented. It's also very cheap. So then, why do I hate it so much? It's the formula itself. I literally used this TWICE and broke the very end off ALSO TWICE. It wasn't even twisted up that much, not as much as I would have thought could break off. I'm very paranoid with stuff like this. Still, it broke off, and the formula is just way too soft. I have to be really careful when I use this one next!

I know they are just little annoyances, and I really regret that about these products - but hey, not everything is made for everyone, right? Let me know in the comments what products you just don't tend to get on with.

Lots of love,


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