June Favourites


Hey peeps!

Another favourites post is upon us. Let's dive in.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick - Pillow Talk

O.M.G. Guys. This lipstick is amazing! I can't believe I still managed to get my hands on this one. My mum picked it up in London, and I was so jealous of her owning this beauty that I had to purchase one for myself as well. This might become my new summer nude shade! It's also my first CT lipstick, and I'm super impressed with the staying power.

Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil - shade 2

You all know how I'm obsessed with the Anastasia Brow Wiz, but as much as I love that one, I really wanted to try the Benefit Precisely, My Brow. I'm happy to tell you I get along with this really well! The shade number 2 is lovely, it's just a bit lighter and "blonder" looking than I usually go for, but I love the formula and also the packaging; It fits in my hand so well!

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette

Sometimes I decide to dig out the eyeshadow palettes on a week day, just to give me a little bit of summin' summin' when I feel like it. This is one of those palettes you really can't go wrong with! I have no idea why I ever stopped using it. It's so versatile, yet super easy to combine and use. Urban Decay does my absolute favourite eyeshadows.

Cath Kidston Hand Cream

I was pleasantly surprised by this hand cream, as I didn't expect much of it. It's not a beauty brand or anything, so most of the times hand creams like these can smell very fruity and sweet, and almost feel a bit sticky. This one is so soft to the touch and really moisurises my hands. It's easy to fit in my hand bag as well, as it came in a set of 3 mini's.

Print of pubs in Manchester by S.L. Scott

I bought this print on the Northern Quarters Makers Market when I was visiting Manchester back in April. You should go and check out the S.L. Scott facebook page, she is a wonderful designer and does amazing prints of Manchester!

Let me know what your favourites are this month!

Lots of love,


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