Mac Lipstick Collection


It's time! I finally have enough MAC lipsticks to do a post like this!

Mac x FleurDeForce - cremesheen

The first lipstick is a special one, and also my most recent addition to the collection. It's Fleur DeForce's collaboration with Mac. It doesn't say a shade name on the lipstick itself, although on the website it was described as "Cool Beige". It is such a gorgeous summer shade. A perfect nude, and reminding of Velvet Teddy, but lighter. It's not as pink-toned as it looks on the swatches below, it's more of a peachy-browny nude,  which I always adore. It's the first cremesheen formula I've bought as well, and I must say I like how it's still very pigmented, although it doesn't stay on forever.

Mac Velvet Teddy - matte

The classic, the iconic, the cult-favourite, Velvet Teddy is probably the most spoken about (mac-)lipstick ever! I'm convinced it suits 99% of all people, as it's such a versatile shade. It's browny toned, nude although not unnoticeable, but so very easy to combine with any makeup look. You can tell how it's my most-used Mac lipstick, or just most used lipstick altogether, by how little of a stump is left in there! I wear it almost every single day to go to work, and that really says something; I always grab for this when I don't really know what to wear.

Mac Stone - matte

This is an odd one in my collection; I bought it around the end of Winter, which is why I haven't worn it tons yet. I think this one is very interesting: it's quite bold, but also muted, it's a statement lip, but also kind of nude. Basically it's a warm grey-ish brown shade. I think I can only wear this when I have put some effort in doing the right eye makeup with this lipstick, so I make sure it suits the whole look. It's a great one to have though, for when I feel like wearing something that's a wee bit different.

Mac Hearts Aflame - matte

I guess this was once limited edition, in a collection from a few years ago. It's actually my mum's lipstick, but she literally never wears it. I haven't really worn it either, but then again I don't really wear much red lipstick. This is a good one to have though, if I ever feel like it. It's quite a wintery shade, again, so I'm kind of waiting for the right moment to wear it. It's such a gorgeous one though, and I should really try to be brace enough to wear it!

Mac Sin - matte

One that I do wear more often is this deep burgundy shade. It's super matte, which is good because it stays on forever, but it also massively dries out my lips, this particular shade anyways. I always combine it with a lip liner, because with a dark lippie like this it's easy to make mistakes! I think it suits me really well though.

Mac Cyber - Satin

This true dark purple lippie is also quite a recent purchase. I got it right before New Year's, as I was looking for a shade just like this. I don't really like that it's a satin finish, as it does tend to get a bit sheer or it moves around if I don't combine it with a lip liner. I bought the Cyber World lip liner to go with it, as I knew it would just get everywhere otherwise. A matte finish would have made this lipstick so much better. But hey, I really like this shade, it's a cool one to experiment with.

Swatches: FleurDeForce, Velvet Teddy, Stone, Hearts Aflame, Sin, Cyber

Do you own any of the Mac lipsticks? Let me know which one is your favourite, or which one you're dying to get your hand on!

Lots of love,


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