My Dream Vanity


My first vanity would look a little like this...

As I'm dreaming of my own space, which I hope will become reality in a few years, of course one of the things I'm imagining is how I would have my own makeup space. Sure, I'd love to keep it minimalistic and clean-looking, but I'd dedicate so much more room to it than I do now!

These are some elements I think couldn't miss in my vanity space.

All pictures are found on Pinterest. You can go check out the board I made right here, which features even more inspirational pictures around this theme.

Photo courtesy of Kate La Vie. Her vanity is literally goals! Check out her post here:
I would probably keep it quite simple with the vanity itself. 
It can be pastel or wood, and have a bit of a vintage vibe to it, although I don't think that's completely necessary. What I absolutely love, though, is the statement geometric mirror, especially with the gold touch to it.

Photo courtesy of Lust Living. Go check out the post here:

Also vamping up some simple elements with some spray paint, or quirking up your poof can be so fun! Here you can see how someone just took a hairpin stool to the next level with the sheep skin, which I'm sure is easy to do yourself. This will give your vanity space that you-factor.

Photo courtesy of Trendenser, you can check the blog post here:

If you keep the vanity itself simple, accessorising in the right way is key. Some monochrome elements always look good, and cacti/succulents bring back some colour to it. I love the colour scheme of this picture so much, and hope I can achieve this look for my own vanity one day.

Photo courtesy of Kate La Vie (again) go check out the full blog post:
Last but not least, practicality is always priority! Some Muji Drawers are essential to put away your daily makeup, as well as some empty candle jars/glasses/mugs. It's like Kate can read my mind with this picture, as I love using Jo Malone and Diptyque candles especially to put in my makeup brushes!

Let me know in the comments what your dream vanity would consist of? Would you go girly-girly or keep it minimal, go all out or maybe paint everything in copper? I'd love to know!

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